Your Best Resort For A Beautiful Summer Vacation In Lataguri

Your Best Resort For A Beautiful Summer Vacation In Lataguri


The sultry summers can often end your day in a tiresome and sweaty patch. The heat and the scorching sun can really make your day miserable and in this conundrum all you need is a good escape into the cool and lush Dooars.  Dooars is one of the finest destinations that you could ask for.

With the best resort in Lataguri, one can truly enjoy the forever beautiful Dooars with a touch of comfort and luxury. As Lataguri receives a lot of tourists over the summer, hence you need to book your best accommodation at the right time. This will take the hassle off booking your stay.

A Brief Overview Of Beautiful Dooars

Dooars is one of the finest destinations there is in North Bengal. With a wide variety of wildlife specimens and lush forest cover, Dooars serves as the most ideal destination for  a quick escape in the scorching and sweaty summer.


Bindu found 57km from Chalsa is a beautiful village in Dooars. At a height of 600m or around 2000 feet, on the India-Bhutan line, Bindu is one of the most well known destinations of Dooars. Bindu is renowned for its cardamom plantations in North Bengal and Dooars locale. Arranged on the Jhalong Bindu Road, Bindu is likewise the last town of West Bengal district.


Chalsa is a tiny town in the Dooars district generally known as the "Queen of Dooars" and one of the most outwardly alluring objections of West Bengal. Chalsa is situated at a typical rise of 163 meters (535 feet). Encircled by Gorumara National Park and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, thick timberlands, untamed life, different birds, and furthermore the slopes are the fundamental to the excellence of Chalsa.


Murti is the name of a beautiful and scintillating stream flowing down from the Neora Valley National Park. Murti as a spot is arranged beside the same named river between the Chapramari forest and Gorumara National Park. Murti is renowned in Dooars for its hypnotizing picturesque magnificence. A dip in the welcoming waters of Murti can take of all your exhaustion.

Rocky Island

Rough Island is another traveler’s paradise in Dooars. Arranged on the banks of the River Murti it is around 2 km from Samsing and is a famous campsite. The perspective of the river and encompassing timberlands are great from Rocky Island. Travelers can stay  in little Tents as they enjoy the beautiful views of the destination.

With such amazing things that Dooars offers a traveler with, your vacation will not go bland in any way.  With a reservation in the some of the best Murti hotels, you can enjoy this evergreen escape with a touch of comfort and luxury and enjoy a whole some time with your loved ones.

The forested lands also offer you a touch of cool and comfort from the booming and hot urban life that we are accustomed to.  The beautiful foliage, refreshing and cool rivers and the backdrop of the mighty Himalayas really offer you the desired escape you need in this scorching heat.

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