Book Your Hotels in Dooars

Finding budget yet luxurious hotels in Dooars is difficult but not impossible. Dooars has always been the hideout for the travelers who come here in search of peaceful solace and to breathe in the freshness of the nature. Resort Trimurti has been a popular choice for your Dooars tour and has provided hospitality and services beyond expectations. So now if you find Dooars a confusing affair and you haven’t yet decided where to stay, Resort Trimurti is your answer that solves all your questions. Convenience is certainly assured here.

While you stay with us, you shall also be able to take a day tour or just a weekend family tour to any of the wildlife reserves or national parks that are spread throughout us. We are a trusted Dooars holiday home where your convenience is guaranteed. Besides that your stay is also equipped with all the modern amenities which you might not have expected to find in this part of the forested Dooars. So your search for the ideal hotels in Dooars should come to a standstill and we hope to be able to serve your Dooars stay with unforgettable first class hospitality. Luxurious amenities budget affair.


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