Uttar Dinajpur: Offbeat Trails near Dooars

Uttar Dinajpur: Offbeat Trails near Dooars


Dooars is already a famous natural beauty in the present day. It boasts some of Asia’s very famous wildlife sanctuaries and safaris. Do you want to hear something new and go to destinations you might not have explored? Just a drive away from the Dooars region is a hidden gem comprising of must-visit spots. Uttar Dinajpur is a district of West Bengal and very popular for its parks, rivers, diverse wildlife, temples and attractions. Also known as, North Dinajpur, this district is home to many villages and one can witness the effortless wonders of nature here. On your trip to Dooars, take some time to visit the pristine sites of North Dinajpur. You can easily book your stay at the resort in Dooars, explore Uttar Dinajpur on the same day and return to your resort.

Introducing Uttar Dinajpur

Reaching the heavenly district of worthy sightseeing spots is quite simple. The best way to reach Uttar Dinajpur from Dooars is via road. You can hire a private car or taxi from Dooars. It is located approximately at a distance of 180 km from Dooars and will take around 4 hours to reach via road.

Places to visit in North Dinajpur

As you enjoy the serene sound of nature and the exotic stays at the resort in Dooars, there are many popular as well as unheard sites are worth every that you are taking towards the eco-friendly district of North Dinajpur.

Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary

 The second-largest sanctuary in Asia in terms of area, the U-shaped astonishing natural dwelling is something you cannot miss. Also known as the Kulik Bird Sanctuary, it is home to 164 species of birds and more than 70,000 migratory birds from South Asian and coastal countries. It got its name from the peaceful river Kulik and its divine sense of eternity that quenches the thirst of the birds and wildlife there. It is a paradise-like place for the nature lovers and photographers.

Kunore Village

 One of the most popular villages of the district and a soothing place for relaxation, Kunore village is a necessary visit for witnessing ultimate simplicity amid the littlest of things. Kunore Village is extremely famous for its terracotta pottery.

Karnajora Museum and Park

 Karnajora Museum and Park is a gem of this district. Unfold the artistic sculptures of terracotta and walk into the greens of life.

Bhairabi Kali Temple

 Apart from being a religious site, this place is of immense archaeological importance. The black stone and terracotta idols and sculpture makes it a commendable Bengali architecture.

Other must-visit sites of Uttar Dinajpur

  • Sap Nikla Forest
  • Burhana Fakir’s Mosque
  • Bijolia Eco Park

You can head back to your resort in Dooars after a satisfying day of splendid sightseeing.

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