The Unknown Facts about Dooars

The Unknown Facts about Dooars


Though Dooars is not anymore unexplored by the tourists, yet it holds some delightful, and unknown scoops for us. And this blog aims at taking you on a journey to explore certain interesting facts about our Dooars. The upcoming information will magnify your desire to know more about this divine region in India. You will be amazed by its majestic mountains, eye-catching extensive green views, large residence of wild animals, profound and lucid river beds.   Interesting and unknown facts about Dooars

  • The name Dooars suggests ‘Doors’ that connects plains to foothills.
  • The Western Dooars is considered Bengal Dooars whereas, Assam Doors refers to the Eastern Dooars.
  • Southern Nepal seems to be a replica of Dooars.
  • Additionally, the Terai region in Northern India resembles Doors.
  • This region is a gateway of India and Bhutan, abounds with 18 passages to come through.
  • Teesta River flows on the western side of the Dooars. On the other hand, the river Sankosh slides by the eastern side.
  • Several rivers such as torsha, jaldhaka, diana, murti are passing through Dooars.
  • Sprawling in the areas of Jalpaiguri district, Alipurduar district including species zones of Cooch Behar district.
  • Chaprami Forest sited at Lataguri, Dooars, is best known for its elephants and gaur. Never skip enjoying jangle safari, will take you towards a closer view of wildlife.
  • One of the most attractions of tourists at Gorumara National park is one-horned rhinos. Jeep safari is very popular besides jungle safari.
  • The Murti River is famous not only for its engaging waterbody but also for its migrated birds during every winter season.
  • One can experience the serene beauty of Bhutan right from the Bindu Valley, along with the placid panorama of the Jhalong River.

What is the best time to visit Dooars? The climate here is always soothing, which draws tourists throughout the year. If you’re on the purpose to experience the wildlife sanctuary then avoid coming in the Rainy seasons. However, winter is the most-loved season, that witnesses the arrival of thousands of visitors.

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