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Dooars is considered as one of the most popular tourist attractions in eastern India. The region gives plenty of choices to spend quality time with nature. Along with scenic beauty, peace, and tranquillity you can find the satisfaction by staying at a resort in Dooars. The resorts are known for their services and for making the trip more deserving by creating and managing beautiful ambience, fine interiors, active staffs, quality food, and warm hospitality. The Dooars region is mostly covered by forest and that makes the region so popular among nature lovers and travel enthusiast.

You can find some of the endangered species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and abundance of flora in the region. The total area of Dooars is divided into parts as eastern Dooars and western Dooars where the forests are spread between the northern part of West Bengal and some of the districts of Assam. From Cooch Behar to Birpara and Kokrajhar to Dhubri, the dense forest and offerings of nature are always appreciated by tourists. Among all the places, Chalsa is known as the 'Queen of Dooars' and connect tourists with some of the other attractions. Finding the best resort is the first thing you should do planning for a Dooars trip. Staying at a resort in Dooars is beneficial in many ways.

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The rooms at our Murti tourist resort are spacious, comfy and are assembled with modern amenities to maintain luxury living of our guests. Enjoy the delicious mouth-watering food of our hotel and the excellent room service. We assure a wonderful stay at our hotel in Murti Dooars as we always want you to make your stay with us an everlasting one.

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  • Luxurious Rooms
    Luxurious Rooms

    Spacious living cabins for refreshed stays.

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    Modern Amenities

    Avail every standard and luxury facility in here.

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    Excellent Money Value

    Pocket-friendly stays for memorable vacations.

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    Aesthetic Location

    Experience the beauty of nature up close with us.

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Places to Explore in Dooars

  • Bindu
  • Chalsa
  • Jhalong
  • Murti
  • Rocky Island
  • Samsing
  • Suntalekhola
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Advantages of Staying at a Resort in Dooars

Add Comfort and Convenience

There is nothing greater than finding comfort during the execution of travel plans and we make it possible by offering prompt room service, luxury suites, clean and fine beds, delicious delicacies, and many more things that make you feel special. The management looks after your needs and provides you with the perfect services every time so that you can make your trip more convenient. Getting information about the nearby places to visit and arrangement transportation can be managed by resort management. Resort Trimurti help you to enjoy every moment of the trip by getting relaxed and free from worries.

Choice of Activities

Managing the time and getting engaged in activities will make the trip successful and a memorable for the lifetime. You can feel the freshness in the air and visualize the charismatic surroundings all around the resort even when you are simply roaming around the premises. The resort gives you plenty of options to choose for a better experience. Getting engaged in playing games, bonfire, watching the tribal dance, and enjoying the delicacies in the fine dining can be the things you are avail apart from going for a sightseeing tour. Some of the outside activities like trekking, nature walk, jungle safari, and bird watching will add more excitement into your Dooars trip.

Entertainment for all ages

To make a trip successful, it is important to make everyone happy and satisfied. Staying at a resort in Dooars can make it practically possible for tourists. Family trips, as well as honeymoon tour along with an adventure trip with friends, can be possible by choosing a resort. The management provides free Wi-Fi connectivity, enough space for children to play games, conference halls for corporate meets, and information about the sightseeing tours. So, it becomes easier for tourists to make everyone happy and satisfied with the finest and convenient services. Choices may vary from one person to another in terms of spending time during their stay in the resort.

Less Stress

Finally, you can relate the things very easily by staying in a resort because all the essential services are designed for tourists and their comfort zone. It is convenient for a person to enjoy the activities instead of getting stressed and worried. The entire management will take responsibility and provide you with the services you are looking for. Resort Trimurti provide some of the additional facilities like doctor on call during emergencies. Such support and empathy will give you the chance to stay connected with the offerings instead of getting stressed or worried.

Choosing Resort Trimurti can be the best choice for you in terms of accumulating the essential factors during travel. We allow our guest to feel free and comfortable during their stay at a resort in Dooars by enjoying the quality services.

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