The Most Amazing Places You Should Visit at Lataguri

The Most Amazing Places You Should Visit at Lataguri


The most amazing thing to experience in life is to spend time in nature far away from crowded city life and pollution. Lataguri is one such wonderland that shares some of the wonderful places to visit in terms of finding inner peace. Resorts in Dooars Lataguri will help you to feel the peace. This place is situated in between National Park and rivers and maintains pleasant weather throughout the year. Though, it is better to visit the place between December and February. Lataguri attracts a huge number of tourists all around the world for its wide variety of flora and fauna. Along with the jungle luxury, one can find the cultural significance of this place with tribal dance and local festivals like Chor Chunni and Dham Gaan. Resorts in Dooars Lataguri provides excellent accommodation to travelers so that they will enjoy every moment of their trip instead of getting worried or bored.

How to reach Lataguri?

You can take the flight to reach Bagdogra and then hire a car for Lataguri which take 2 hours to reach the destination or else reach New Mal railway station which 40 minutes away from the place. New Mal Junction is the nearest railway station but needs to reach NJP for better availability of transportation.

Most Amazing Places to visit at Lataguri

Gorumara National Park

 Only 15 km from Lataguri you will find the famous National Park of West Bengal that is home for Asian Elephants, India Bison Gaur, Great Indian Horn Bill, One-horned Rhinos, Royal Bengal Tiger, different species of birds and reptiles. Huge trees and green lushes will help the animal to hide inside, though the human civilization lived there give their best to preserve this natural treasure. Morning in Gorumara is something that one should not miss during the visit as the chirping of birds make the ambiance rhythmic and touch the soul in a true sense. Jungle safari at Gorumara is a very common activity which starts from morning hours. Nature lovers will find the perfect reason to click some of the appealing photographs by taking an Elephant ride. Witnessing the wildness of nature by sitting above the elephant will surely give you an adventurous feeling. Jeep Safari is also available to discover some of the unknown facts about nature. If you have favorable luck then you might find a glimpse of Royal Bengal Tiger.

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

 Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is 25 km away from Lataguri. It is one of the most popular places in entire Dooars. The special attraction of this destination is the view of Mt. Kanchenjunga that reflects the rays of Sun and looks amazingly beautiful that you will sit somewhere and start appreciating the creator for creating such beauties that are priceless. Photographers will find some of the unique and deserving shots to fulfill their creative ideas along with the mesmerizing beauty of nature. It is really uncommon to find the view of eastern Himalayan range from the dense forest that blows wind all the time. Take a cup of tea and sit on the balcony of your resort and with every sip of the tea, nature will look more beautiful and attractive. In the lap of nature, the time spots and the heart beats with serenity all around.

Jayanti Mahakal Cave

 Nature creates wonder and humans are lucky enough to explore such wonders with a stable and capable brain. Jayanti Mahakal Cave was once a route towards Bhutan and now many people visited this place to gather refreshing and delightful experiences. This place is about 132 km from Lataguri. The adventurous people recommended to have some trekking experiences. The Jayanti River that flows beside the cave looks stunning during the morning and especially on full moon night. Resorts in Dooars Lataguri provide you the correct information about the timing and places to explore in such wonders of nature. You can watch those small hills that look like a painting when the river flows in between them creating a curvy path.

Rocky Island

 If you looking for some fun and adventure all together then Rocky Island is waiting for you. This place is surrounded by Murti River and showers happiness all the time. Young crowds of West Bengal mostly visited this place to find the beauty of nature. An amazing ambiance of this place helps people to stay away from boredom. Monsoon is the best time to visit Rocky Island. If you are crazy about bathing and other wild activities, then Murti River will an amazing place for you. It lies in between greenery and lushes. But winter will make you comfortable with fewer rains and sightseeing experiences. So, that makes it clear that Rocky Island is the best place for any season. This place is 38 km away from Lataguri.


 Samsing is the gateway to Neora Valley National Park and welcome tourists to get into the scenic view of nature. Visiting Samsing is like discovering heaven on earth. People who visited this place during their stay at Lataguri, experiences this. This place is 35 km away from Lataguri and attracts people for small hills, Green Tea Garden, forest and breath-taking landscapes. The Murti River looks awesome in this place when it flows between the small hills. Rocks, sparkling water and orange orchard make this destination popular for visitors. Khasmahal is a small village in Samsing that is famous for Oranges will give you a chance to walk over for a while. Spend some time with nature by getting lost into the wildness. The motive of understanding these places that tells so much about life and beauty of creation. Resorts in Dooars Lataguri is there for you in every space so that you will find the comfort and fun all together.

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