Spend a Few Days in the Animal Kingdom of Jaldapara

Spend a Few Days in the Animal Kingdom of Jaldapara


Nothing is more beautiful than Mother Nature as it shares an abundance of flora-fauna along with the chance to feel the freshness of life. Life is impossible without nature and we human are a tiny part of it. Here we are introducing to you the Animal Kingdom of Jaldapara. If exploring forests is your only passion then you must visit Jaldapara National Park which is considered to be the largest national park in the whole of Dooars. Earlier it was in Jalpaiguri but now falls under Alipurduar district. Discovering the best parts of Dooars will remain incomplete without visiting this destination. Every year thousands of tourists across the globe come here to witness some of the endangered species. The animal kingdom in Jaldapara is something that attracts most of the tourists. Most of the people were not aware of those wild animals that actually found in Jaldapara. But once you visit this place, you will start reconnecting your dream into reality. The riverine forest is divided by Torsha River where the western part is called Jaldapara and eastern is known as Chulapata. Resort in Dooars opens up an opportunity to meet your desires. Finest accommodation and experience tour guides give all the best things to stay in Jaldapara for few days. You might be wondering, what is so special about Jaldapara. So, let’s look into some of the special attractions of this national park.

What makes Jaldapara the Animal Kingdom of Dooars

Wildlife Adventure

 Wildlife Adventure : Jaldapara[/caption] The entire area is covered by vast stretches of grassy land; swamps and muddle land where elephant grass are taller than a human being and helps the animals to hide inside the jungle. Daring to walk into the muddy lands of Jaldapara is like taking the greatest challenge. No way, you are not allowed to explore the forest all alone as there are ways to enjoy the beauty of nature in their own terms. Trees like Sal, Sishu, and Khair covered the forest with an abundance of greenery all around. You can watch different species of deer, one-horned Rhino, elephant, leopard, and 240 types of birds. There is plenty of trees all around, you will find pleasant weather all the time even during summer. Tourism department takes a greater initiative to support people in making their trip successful though it depends on your luck that which animal will be visible in front of your eyes.

Elephant Ride

[caption id="attachment_781" align="aligncenter" width="402"] Elephant Ride : Jaldapara[/caption] One of the best ways to feel the excitement of the forest is by enjoying the elephant ride. There are four trained elephants in Jaldapara namely, Laxmi, Minakshi, Madhumala and Priyadarshini who are efficient to carry four people at a time along with the Mahout. You have to sit on the top of the elephant by holding the rallying attached to it. Your legs will hang from the top and the rallying is there to get the balance during the ride. Elephant makes the ride easier within the dense forest where you will find muddy land, small streams, and even rivers. The view of the jungle from the top of an elephant is simply splendid. Sometime peacock will fly aside along with other birds. Bison or India Gaur is really dangerous in the forest so it is always better to enjoy the elephant ride instead of welcoming any risk. Rhinos are also very common inside the jungle and you will find Sambar deer, barking deer, hog deer and spotted deer playing and roaming all around. The feeling of an elephant ride is something that is incomparable when it comes to discovering the unknown facts about Jaldapara. Resort in Dooars will add pleasure to your tour as they provide necessary accommodation in the heart of the jungle.

Jeep Safari

 Jeep Safari : Jaldapara[/caption] If you are not so comfortable about the elephant ride then you must enjoy Jeep safari which is available three times a day, two times in the morning and one time during the afternoon. You need to book your ticket as early as possible otherwise it will be a problem. Once the entry formalities are completed you will be a part of Jeep safari. The ride starts from the Hallong River that looks so beautiful that you will start thinking of painting. The duration of the ride is 1 hour 30 minutes but the awesomeness of nature makes it feel like a few minutes. Jeep safari covers watchtowers namely Jaldapara watchtower and Harindanga watchtower from where you will watch plenty of birds. The chirping of birds is like a musical saga that touches the heart in a genuine manner.

How to reach Jaldapara?

The nearest town to Jaldapara is Madarihat and there is a railway station but very dew train stops there which might be a problem for you. It is better to reach New Jalpaiguri Station and take a taxi to Jaldapara or else take a vehicle from Bagdogra airport and reach Jaldapara which is an ultimate destination for both animal and nature lover.

What is the best time to visit Jaldapara?

The best months to visit Jaldapara National Park are September, October, November, December, March, and May. Winter and onset of summer season attract more people to this animal kingdom. The temperature remains comfortable throughout the year and you will explore the hidden treasure of nature by traveling to Jaldapara. Nature can be discovered unconditionally by entering to the wildness of Jaldapara which gives you all the good reasons to enjoy life in a different manner. Few affordable Resort in Dooars makes the moment more precious when you find comfort and adventure at the same level.

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