Far From The Madding Crowd

Far From The Madding Crowd


Life is very difficult when you have to beat the alarm to get ready for your everyday work. The simple work to home and vice versa can make life relatively monotonous. So what is required to get rid of this loophole? A break! Which can disrupt your daily channel for a time being so that you can restore your mind and bring your focus back? Exploring nature serves as the best escape from the harsh realities of life as well as the booming crowd from the metropolis. Murti is a place in the northern region of the state of West Bengal that welcomes travelers who would like to forget all the bustle of the city and enjoy nature in its truest form. Apart from the rich display of nature�s prowess, there are numerous best resort in Gorumara Murti that can accommodate travelers with all the facilities after a tiring day. This article explores all the natural beauty Murti has to offer along with a short description of the best resort in Gorumara Murti. Table of Content: 

  1. Things that you can do in Murti
  2. Best Time to visit Murti
  3. Resort Trimurti
  4. Conclusion

Things that you can do in Murti

  1. Fishing, Bathing, and Camping

Murti River is extremely popular for its crystal clear water where one can go fishing or take a dip. Apart from these, the banks of the river are an extremely popular picnic hotspot where people can even opt for camping and other activities. Besides this, there are other major rivers in this region too that you can explore in the surroundings.  Some of these important rivers include Bindu, Jhalong, and Jaldhaka to name a few. All these rivers are within a short range can be explored in a minimum time.

  1. Wildlife Sightseeing

The biggest and the famous attraction of this place is Gorumara National Park. The Gorumara National Park is a home of many varieties of flora and fauna with facilities of different types of watchtower situated in different parts of the park. Apart from this you can even go for safari tours and watch multiple varieties of animals such as elephants, rhinos, deer, wild boar, leopard to name a few. Best Time to visit Murti The best time to visit Murti would be in the winter season as you will get a glimpse of many migratory birds that come to this place from different parts and especially from central Asia. Resort Trimurti We are hailed as the best resort in Gorumara Murti because of our untiring efforts to provide our guests with all the facilities and services in a short span of time. Our whole team is totally dedicated to facilitating our guests with comfortable accommodation so that they can enjoy this magnificent place with full capacity. Conclusion Murti is the perfect escape route for any traveler who is looking for a short break from the city�s bustle.

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