Enjoy The Exotic Natural Treasures

Enjoy The Exotic Natural Treasures


We humans only understand treasure in terms of monetary values such as riches and precious stones. But little do we know that these treasures are only worth for a very limited period of time. You can possess all of them for your life but cannot take them with you in the afterlife. So till then, you know that the things you were chasing or tried to hold onto were just some simple material that would be a complete waste at the end. So, now you might wonder what is considered a true treasure in life. Nature is the ultimate treasure that a man needs to enjoy a healthy and happy life. But this can only be felt when you live in a city and visit a place for vacation where nature plays a predominant feature. Murti in Dooars is one such place that has been astonishing visitors for many years with its natural exploits and landscapes. There is a particular place known as Gorumara in that region that is highly popular for its wildlife reserves and activities. Apart from the richness of natural display, you can find the best resort in Gorumara, Murti that can serve you with all the essential assistance you might require in the region. This article provides all the insight about the place so that it can excite the readers to visit the place and explore all its surroundings in a better way. This article also features the best resort in Gorumara, Murti. Table of Content: 

  1. Things you can expect from Gorumara, Murti
  2. Resort Trimurti
  3. Conclusion

Things you can expect from Gorumara, Murti Gorumara is a very place not only in Murti but the whole of Dooars. People from faraway places come to visit this place and remain in awe and disbelief of such a richness of its natural magnificence. There are many exciting locations that one can witness while their visit to this region.

  1. The Gorumara National Park Safari

It is a very popular wildlife reserve of this region that comprises major attractions such as bison, leopard, deer, turtles, pythons to name a few. The most interesting part is that you can see all these at very close proximity through an elephant ride.

  1. Watch Towers

There are three major watch towers Chandrachur Watch Tower, Jatraprasad Watch Tower, and the Medla Watch Tower. Any visitor can go and witness the whole reserve with the best angles possible.

  1. Bird watching at Chukchuki

The Chukchuki tower is a great spot to watch some of the varied bird species available in the region. Resort Trimurti We are the best resort in Gorumara, Murti, and have been in this industry for many years. We are an expert team of professionals who understand all the needs and wants of the guests visiting this region and provide support accordingly. Conclusion Traveling to Gorumara is fun but you will also require a proper resting place where you can regain your lost energy for the following days exploration.

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