Relishing Moment at Dooars with Thrilling Adventure

Relishing Moment at Dooars with Thrilling Adventure


Regardless of any season, Dooars region in West Bengal is perfect for the holidays. Every moment seems to be amazing and unique at Dooars because of its beautiful appearance. The travellers visit Dooars with different holiday intentions and one of them is the adventure. The thrills and joys of adventure in Dooars are mostly related to the charming environment. Out of many, camping and jungle safari are two of the best adventure opportunities available in the region. These two sumptuous activities make the stay at a resort in Dooars worthy. You may have enjoyed this adventure in other destinations before but here it�s a whole new experience. Also for some of you, it might be the greatest enjoyable adventure that you�ve been looking for so, relish every moment. Table of Contents: 

  • Exploring Dooars Beauty With Camping
  • Jungle Safari For Wildlife Enthusiasts
  • Conclusion

Exploring Dooars Beauty With Camping Camping is the most realistic adventure that gives you the chance to enjoy the stay near nature. In Dooars, camping becomes the relevant activity to explore the region. It is because camping can be done in various beautiful areas of the Dooars region. Camping at Lataguri is really popular for enjoying the sight of greenery. Well, the resort in Dooars also gives terrific opportunity to enjoy the river camp. Suntalekhola River Camp should be the best pick if you want to enjoy riverside camping in Dooars. It is actually managed by West Bengal Forest Development Corporation (WBFDC) so, everything is secured here. The camping activity also includes a bonfire and short on-time excursion. Jungle Safari For Wildlife Enthusiasts Jungle safari in Dooars matches your expectations in the finest way. If you are fond of wildlife and greenery then, you�ll surely enjoy jungle safari at Dooars. You will get an enormous chance of exploring wildlife with the inclusion of many national parks and wildlife reserves like-

  • Gorumara National Park
  • Jaldapara National Park
  • Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Buxa Tiger Reserve

These wildlife protected areas visit can be confirmed when you stay at the resort in Dooars. You can relish the jungle safari moment with elephant ride or jeep safari. The greenery of the forest will sparkle your eyes and the sounds of birds chirping will be music to your ears. When you stay at a resort in Dooars, make sure to not miss these two adventure activities. Definitely, you�ll have the time of your life in the garden filled with fantastic nature and habitat. Note: Resort Trimurti in Dooars has been offering the stay like home for the travellers for many years. It has been the route to the adventure activities as well.

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