Murti River Camping- Safety Tips for a Perfect Dose of a Weekend Thrill

Murti River Camping- Safety Tips for a Perfect Dose of a Weekend Thrill


Murti is the name of the river that originates high in the mountains of the Neora Valley National Park. It is one of the most beautiful rivers in Dooars. However, the natural beauty of the river remains unexplored even when it can be crossed by foot. For most tourists visiting Dooars, Murti is the famous place for hanging out and bringing a family for picnics or even go camping near Murti River. Even though in recent years, it has emerged as one of the most peaceful places to soak in the serene ambiance of the forest.

River camping in Murti

[caption id="attachment_400" align="alignnone" width="692"] Image Courtesy:[/caption] When you think about the river camping then Murti River is the first choice to be made. It is one of the best adventures a person can indulge in and enjoy the beauty of the night sky. There are tents available for the river camp. You can also get food and enjoy the basic facilities to lead a healthy life. So, if you love camping under the night open sky and enjoy the sound of the moving water then Murti River Camp will surely give you the best unforgettable experiences in life.

Safety tips for river camping in Murti River

River camping involves camping alongside a river. It can be done in any way of camping in the river or just find camping sites beside the river. No need to worry, as we at the Murti tourist resort will give you some travel tips for camping near Murti River.

1- Choose a riverside campsite:

The first thing which comes in your mind is about choosing the right campsite. If it is permitted then you can create your own campgrounds for camping near the river.  

2- Get a map to know the route of the river camp:

If you are boating or kayaking in the river, you must get a map. This will help you in knowing the route to stop and take your boat to or where to camp during the night.  

3- Do not camp close by the riverside:

While camping near riverside it might risk of having floods in some areas. Even high rainfall can cause damage to the camping area. So, try to find an area above the riverside to avoid any mishaps.  

4- Inform your group member before going solo:

In case of any trouble occurring to you, the group members must know about your activities. So, you must always inform the other members before going anywhere alone.  

5- Watch out for any danger:

All rivers are not easy to cross or safe for river camping. You must always be aware of any mishaps and choose the riverside suitable for you and your fellow members for river camp.  

6- Use your campsite as a base to enjoy:

Till you are not traveling by boat or indulging in river activity, you can remain at your campsite. You can enjoy other activities near the riverside and later head towards for river-related adventures.  

7- Beware of animals:

While camping in the forest or beside a river, you must be aware of the river mammals. You must search well enough the edge of the river before setting your campsite.  

River Camping like never before

These simple safety river camping tips will let you stay safe and relish the delights. So by keeping these tips in mind, travel on a trip to Murti River for grabbing memories which are worth treasuring for a lifetime.

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