Want To Stay Close To Nature? Here is The Best Option

Want To Stay Close To Nature? Here is The Best Option


Life is a difficult roller coaster with many highs and lows but one thing is sure that there are always the deep lows of life. Sometimes we go through such a distressing phase where we do not find any motivation to achieve anything in life. So what is the best solution to overcome such a difficult phase? The perfect answer to this question can be a trip close to Mother Nature. A trip to nature can bring all the lost confidence back and can rejuvenate your lost energy to do something. If you are considering a place that is gifted with natural prowess then Murti is the perfect example of it. The place has many natural exploits that can give the visitors a beautiful experience. In Murti tourist resort are generating a high demand as the place is emerging as the next big thing in Dooars. This article showcases certain places that represent Murti as a truly gifted place where one can find itself near nature along with a short description of the famous Murti tourist resort. Table of Content: 

  1. Places that truly encapsulates the nature of Murti
  2. Resort Trimurti
  3. Conclusion

Places that truly encapsulates the nature of Murti Murti is a great place to visit and witness natural prowess in order to have a great trip. Some of these places include-

  1. Rivers

The village is highly famous for its Murti River where travelers can go in its banks for multiple activities such as bathing, fishing, camping, and other things. Apart from this, there are other important nearby places such as Bindu, Jhalong, and Jaldhaka where the tourists can perform the same activities.

  1. Reserve forest

Murti has two popular forest reserves known as the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary and the Gorumara National Park. Both the forest reserves are highly famous for their rich display of plants and animals. Visitors can even apply for safari arrangements so that they can get a great look at multiple animal species roaming in the park. The animal species may include the Royal Bengal tiger, boars, deer, leopard, elephants. Apart from animals and plants, you may find numerous birds and reptile species too.

  1. Miscellaneous Places

Murti also offers other places such as Jhalong, Bindu, Paren along Samsing, Suntaleykhola to name a few. Resort Trimurti We are recognized as the finest Murti tourist resort that one can get with quality services and facilities with affordable rates and pricing. We are a team of experienced personal right from the staff to the management and are only dedicated to taking care of the guests who are expecting a great time during this visit. Conclusion Nature is a healer that can eliminate all the worries of your life and Murti is the best place that can get you much closer to nature.

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