List of the Sightseeing Places That You May Plan in Your Tour

List of the Sightseeing Places That You May Plan in Your Tour


Traveling needs more sightseeing places to hold your excitement and every time you search for places you will get to know about more unknown facts about some of the places that you never heard before. But only searching the names will never satisfy your thirst for exploring those destinations. Dooars region in North Bengal comes with too many options that you need a long vacation to complete the list. People from faraway places visit this region to encounter with the wildlife along with the greenery and abundance of fresh air all around. Spending time in the Dooars region of West Bengal is something that you gift yourself at least once in a lifetime.

Sightseeing Places Need to Be Added in Your Travel Plan


 Chalsa is known as Queen of Dooars and is easily communicable from Siliguri. The geographical location of this amazing tourist place will connect you with Gorumara National Park and Chapramari Wildlife sanctuary. Lataguri is 20 km away from Chalsa so that you can roam into the beautiful locales by enjoying the solace. Chalsa is a popular picnic spot during winter where people cook food, play games, dance on music and enjoy their time with nature. This destination is suitable to start your Dooars trip in search of meeting some of the endangered species of mammals and a variety of birds and reptiles.

Gorumara National Park

 One of the main attractions in Dooars is Gorumara National Park which offers so many options to fall in love with nature and its amazing creatures. By visiting this place you can take a hotel in Lataguri to find more for exploration. Jungle safari is a common activity people like to enjoy when they are in Gorumara. Gather more information from the hotelier and enjoy the safari which is possible both on an elephant and Jeep. Though elephant safari is more exciting you can search about the timing of those safaris. While enjoying the safari you can witness Indian rhinoceros, gaur, Asian elephant, sloth bear, chital, and sambar deer, Bengal tigers, Indian wolves, scarlet minivet, sunbird, Asian paradise flycatchers, spangled drongo, Indian hornbill, woodpeckers, and pheasants.

Jaldapara National Park

 Jaldapara is known for the largest population of India one-horned rhinoceros which is an endangered species and needs protection. This national park assures you to give some unforgettable moments in life. Chilapata forest is very near to this national park where you can witness an elephant corridor. Elephants are the pride of North Bengal and the Department of forest along with the villagers protects the animals along with the forest which is undoubtedly the homeland for those gigantic creatures. Many people love to spend their time in these destinations to feel the truth that our earth is so beautiful.


 Jhalong is located at a higher altitude and looks stunningly beautiful with the view of Jaldhaka River. You can stay in the cottages maintained by the Department of the forest by providing all the essential facilities at an affordable rate. You can also visit Bindu and Jaldhaka Hydel Project which is very near to the Bhutan border. Jhalong is also considered as an ideal honeymoon spot as the pleasant weather and mesmerizing view add romance to your life. The running water of the river makes a sound that creates a musical saga. If you are getting bored from your usual life then visiting this destination in the lap of nature do the complete justice for you.


 In between Gorumara National Park and Chapramari Wildlife sanctuary, there is a small place called Murti. The name is taken from the river with the same name that flows near the village. Murti River looks so beautiful during winter as the water level rises during the monsoon. Murti is near to Lataguri and you can easily find resorts around the place. Batabari is also a great option to visit Murti during your Dooars trip. The scenic view and mind-blowing landscapes will make you amazed with the place and its surroundings. People use to enjoy picnic this area but nowadays local people are giving restrictions to such activities that harm nature and its surroundings. If you love nature then protect it, never use it for your fun. These destinations are precious and need to be protected by every civilized human being. Visit these sightseeing places and witness some of the amazing creatures by sparking the light inside your heart that enlightens you forever.

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