Jhalong - The Beautiful Destination in Dooars

Jhalong - The Beautiful Destination in Dooars


If you are looking for a memorable holiday trip somewhere in a beautiful place where you can spend your time with nature then you must visit Jhalong which is located in the Dooars region of northern West Bengal. Jhalong is a quaint helmet near the bank of Jaldhaka and situated at the Indo-Bhutan border. Siliguri is the nearest city that connects the place through both airways and railways for making the trip quite comfortable. This place falls under the Kalimpong district and offers the scenic beauty and serene ambiance.  This place is suitable for a nature lover, romantic couple and for people who love to spend their holidays in solace. You can enjoy greenery all around the place and enjoy your best in comfortable accommodation facilities imitated by the government of West Bengal as well as by popular hoteliers of the region. You can also pass on your time by moving around the nearby places like Bindu, Jaldhaka, Gorumara, Chapramari, Murti, Samsing and so on. But when you are in Jhalong you never think about any other options for sure.

Best Time to visit Jhalong

Jhalong is favorable for tourists throughout the year though it depends on your choice of preferences whether you are looking for an adventure trip, family tour or honeymoon trip. Adventure lovers who are looking for some excitement by doing trekking and camping can visit this place during monsoon when the sound of rain creates a musical saga and enhances the excitement up to some extent. The water level rises in the rivers and people find good reasons to explore the place by walking into the village, watching the rain dance or simply engaging themselves in the adventure. But this place is suitable for romance and family trips during spring and winter when the weather becomes pleasant and water turns into crystal clear.

Things to do in Jhalong

River Camp

 Being a part of the river camp by getting lost into the wildness of Jhalong River Camp in the Jaldhaka River where you can also find the hydroelectric project. This is the only electricity project which allows tourist to witness the dam. Jhalong River Camp is maintained by West Bengal Forest Development Corporation (WBFDC). You can enjoy night camp near the river by getting refreshed with the chilling wind of Jaldhaka River. You can also witness the Asian Elephant, Indian Gaur, and leopards during the camping. Light fire for your security and enjoy your best time with nature.


 Trekking towards Tangta and Todey near Jhalong can be the best thing you can experience during your Jhalong trip. You can find the beauty of this place by simply enjoying the trek where rivers, streams, hills, forests, and a variety of flora and fauna create the magic so that you can explore the place by getting close to nature genuinely. By breathing the fresh air and drinking the mineral water from small streams will make you energized for the expedition.

Bird Watching

 The chirping of birds will work as an alarm clock when you are in Jhalong and that is one of the best things you can enjoy when you stay there. There are plenty of migratory birds that fly away from the village and make the place beautiful in true sense. If possible carry binoculars and camera for both witnessing and capturing the moments. Different species of birds start singing and make you feel great during your stay in Jhallong which is undoubtedly a picturesque location in the Dooars region.

Village Walk

 There is always a difference between village walk and trekking as a village walk helps you to meet the people and getting the chance to explore their life. Walking into the village will allow you to witness tribal dance and getting more close to their lifestyle where you can witness how they enjoy their life by sharing everything with nature. Fishing, walking, and tasting the local cuisines will make you feel delighted with the warm hospitality of this place which is considered as the paradise on earth. Traveling to Jhallong is the best experience for any travel enthusiast who is wondering about the priceless offering of nature along with quality accommodation to make their stay memorable.

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