Honeymoon Destinations that will make you fall in love

Honeymoon Destinations that will make you fall in love


After the hectic and busy schedule of marriage, finally, honeymoon brings the moment when couples can reveal the love one more time by traveling to destinations that take them into outer space. Normally, people choose a single destination to enjoy the best time but traveling to different places in a single honeymoon package can be the best deal for any couples who are looking for something big. Dooars region in northern West Bengal comes with lots of options and offers you some of the best experiences with nature and its incomparable beauty. The best part of traveling to Dooars is that you will find different destinations within every 30 km. From elephant ride to dancing on the rhythm of tribal folk, you can spend the best time in the lap of nature. You can maintain your privacy by discovering the wildness which finally spread love in the air. Lets zoom into some of the popular places in Dooars that add pleasure in your honeymoon.

Popular Honeymoon Destinations in Dooars – You must Visit

Gorumara National Park

 Peace, tranquility, and thrill create an amazing space in the heart of the jungle of Gorumara which offers an abundance of greenery, mountain views, dense forest, mammals, birds, reptiles, and comfortable accommodations facilitated with modern amenities. Resorts, guest houses, and hotels will make you feel satisfied with the food and arrangement of activities. You can start your day by enjoying the chirping of birds and go for a jungle safari which can be enjoyed by a jeep or elephant. Indian Gaur, leopard, deer, variety of bird species, and rhinoceros are the most commonly available offerings of this park.


 Murti is a small village very near to Gorumara national park and known for the flowing river sharing the same name. Murti River is considered as the lifeline of this region and looks stunningly beautiful throughout the year. Winter and spring is the best time to visit this place when you can enjoy the surroundings by going for a jungle walk. Couples can enjoy their time by feeling the romance in the jungle by getting close to the people and their hospitality. You can stay in hotels near murti river like Batabari or Lataguri to visit Murti and make your honeymoon more deserving. If, you are wishing to get lost in nature then pass on your time by sitting in the bank of the river where the sound of flowing water and chirping of birds create the magic of love.


 Jhalong is located 43 km away from Mal Bazar and can be reached by traveling from Khunia through the Chapramari forest near Gorumara. Here, you will find one more river called Jaldhaka which adds beauty and greenery to this place. While driving to this destination you can enjoy oranges and plenty of trees on your way towards Jhalong. This beautiful hill station is situated very near to the Indo-Bhutan border and maintains pleasant weather which if favorable for honeymoon couples. Jhalong is undoubtedly the best place to visit for honeymoon couples because the place offers amazing landscapes and views of Kanchenjunga when the sky is clear. This place is healthy and preferable by honeymoon couples to spend a few days away from the hustle and bustle of city life.


 Bindu is located in the backdrop of Bhutan hills and gives you and your loved one, the best chance to witness the beauty of nature. Visiting this place during your honeymoon is a nice idea because it offers serenity and picturesque location. This place is known for its cardamom plantation in North Bengal. Bindu is the last village of West Bengal and shares its area with Bhutan. This is the specialty of Dooars that you can explore so many places in a short span and experience the best time with your better half. Honeymoon in Bindu gives you the reason to feel love and happiness. Nature blessed us with so many options and Bindu is one of the greatest examples of such offerings.

Samsing and Suntalekhola

 Again two different places located close to one another for making you feel amazed by the scenic beauties and popular attractions. If Samsing is considered as the gateway of Neora Valley National Park, then Suntalekhola is known for its sweet oranges. The name Suntalekhola is originated from two different words, namely Suntale means ‘Oranges’ and Khola means ‘stream’. Rivers, landscapes, tea gardens, and forests come with an awesome combination of offerings and joy of spending time in a village. You can also manage to stay in a homestay at least for one night to know the people over there. Do fun and engage yourself in walking near small streams for making the honeymoon memorable and more interesting one. The above-mentioned destination is suitable for a honeymoon trip and gives people the chance of maintaining the budget. Every place is different from another and satisfies you mentally in a complete manner.

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