Explore The Breathtaking Adventure Of Dooars By Staying In Your Best Hotel

Explore The Breathtaking Adventure Of Dooars By Staying In Your Best Hotel


Do you ever have a desire to wake up in the morning and breathe fresh air with your first eye contact starts with a lush green forest surrounded by wild animals, birds, and majestic mountains, and by no wonder you can also hear the sound of a rushing river, then you can point out Dooars.

Dooars is a perfect holiday destination, which can be availed by anyone on a short or long-term basis. When staying in your best hotel in Dooars, make sure to check out the following destinations that can blow your mind:

  • Bindu
  • Chalsa
  • Jhallong
  • Murti River
  • Rocky Island
  • Samsing
  • Suntalekhola

You might have a lot of questions in your mind like, why Dooars, there are far better places to explore rather than Dooars right? But here is the thing; many people set their eyes to explore common places where you find many tourists.

Dooars is not an exception too, but the inner peace, calmness, mind-blowing natural views, and breathtaking adventure will give you goosebumps.

This is an ideal place for enthusiasts and adventure seekers who can enjoy trekking and wild drive. Here, you’ll also find many wildlife photographers who aim to capture their lenses with outnumbered unknown birds.

The gateway of North Bengal and Bhutan is none other than Dooars. One can’t avoid the picturesque view of Dooars that consists of green forests, tea gardens, and the Teesta river.

Each year, tourists come here to see different wildlife species such as elephants, guars, and herds of deer, one-horned rhinos, and other species. There is no wonder that people also come here to experience an adventurous Jungle Safari which is also one of the famous and attractive activities.

Whether, national, or foreign tourists are all over the place when you land your feet to experience something that you never expect. In case, if you have never visited or heard about Dooars, then it's a perfect time to add a trip to your notebook and explore an adventurous experience like never before.

Every year many travelers travel to Jalpaiguri to explore new cultures, enjoy nature, and site scenes to refresh their minds and redefine life. Lataguri is one of the most popular attraction points which is located in Jalpaiguri district, North Bengal, India.

Just a reminder when you visit Lataguri, don't forget to explore each of the following spots:

  • Gorumara National Park
  • Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Murti River
  • Jayanti Mahakal Caves
  • Buxa Tiger Reserve
  • Buxa Fort
  • Rover's Point

Whether you believe it or not but traveling has the ability to attract more new places to discover nature and its surroundings. While traveling people seek happiness and a memorable journey which they can experience by staying luxury resort in Lataguri as per their expectations.

It's no wonder that planning a trip can also have a fantastic feeling on your body that helps to reduce stress and reset your body and mind. Not every tourist visit different places to explore the natural beauty but to seek inner peace and relaxation.

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