Experience A Fascinating Vacation In Dooars

Experience A Fascinating Vacation In Dooars


Dooars is a delightful destination and the gateway to the hill stations of North Bengal and Bhutan. With a gorgeous landscape full of lush untouched nature Dooars is an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. It offers you a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday in breathtaking places surrounded by peaceful nature.


A trip to this is an amazing experience and booking the best hotel in Murti Dooars is an ideal choice for comfortable accommodation. Good hotels make your vacations better by providing comfortable and luxurious staying options with a wide range of services and facilities for a memorable trip.


An accommodation is an important aspect of a vacation as it is the place you come back to after a long day of traveling. Booking good accommodations can make the trip more enjoyable, and convenient and provide a better experience of a destination. An accommodation located at the heart of the city can help you stay closer to major attractions and important places.


Dooars is a vast region and a great tourist destination famous for its natural beauty, wildlife sanctuaries, and fascinating attractions. As this place is a vast region there are numerous mesmerizing places and fascinating attractions to visit. Given below are some of the best places you can visit by staying at the best resort in Murti:


  • Gorumara National Park – is a natural splendor and one of the most famous attractions of Dooars. It offers its visitors tropical deciduous forests, and river grasslands and is known for its diverse wildlife including the Indian rhinoceros.


  • Buxa Tiger Reserve – is home to the second-highest number of tigers in West Bengal after Sunderban. You can also spot elephants, leopards, a variety of deer, snakes, and many more animals in this here.


  • Buxa Fort – is a historical destination and a popular attraction of Dooars. It is a well-known fort as it was used by the British to detain freedom fighters of India during British rule.


  • Jaldhapada National Park – is a haven for nature lovers and is home to one-horned rhinoceros, elephants, spotted deer, bison, wild pigs, and more. It also offers jungle safaris and elephant safaris to get the best experience of the destination.


  • Kumai – is an offbeat destination in Dooars offering a quaint and peaceful town surrounded by mountains and forests. Home to the Halley viewpoint and organized tea gardens this place provides a peaceful trip to all its visitors.



For a fascinating vacation in this nature-filled destination, you need to book the best hotel in Dooars. As good hotels can help you experience a wonderful trip to your destination with comfortable table accommodations at affordable prices while offering extensive amenities and professional services.


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