Experience A Delightful Vacation In Murti

Experience A Delightful Vacation In Murti


Murti is a gorgeous quaint village in Dooars and is a beautiful tourist destination located on the banks of the Murti River. This destination is a wonderful place for a trip as it is full of serene beauty and offers its visitors a relaxing vacation in natural surroundings away from the stress and problems of life.


This destination is also a haven for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts as it is full of fascinating nature and you can experience a beautiful vacation in this place by booking the best hotel in Murti DooarsA good hotel offers you the most comfortable and luxurious holiday by providing a wide range of facilities and amenities at budget-friendly prices.


Located at the foothills of the Himalayas Murti offers awe-inspiring scenery of the adjacent forest area and is famous for its serene ambiance and compelling nature. The best time to visit this destination is believed to be from October to March as the reserve forest in Dooars remains closed during the rainy season.


Murti is full of amazing attractions and is located close to some of the best places to visit in Dooars. Given below are some of the best places to visit staying at the best resorts in Murti, Dooars:


  • Champramari Wildlife Sanctuary - this forest is one of the oldest forests in Dooars and is essentially an extension of Gorumara. It is separated by the Murti River and offers a diverse range of flora and fauna. 


  • Gorumara National Park – is one of the most famous places to visit in Dooars and offers natural splendor with thick forests and grasslands. It is home to a plethora of flora and wildlife and is famous for being home to the Indian rhinoceros.


  • Murti River – it is a scenic river that separates Gorumara and Champramari and offers a relaxing time in knee deep crystal clear water. Travelers can play picnics, camp or even fish in this river.


  • Suntaleykhola - it is an offbeat destination in Dooars offering breathtaking surroundings and a majestic view of the river stream flowing through the hill. This village offers a relaxing time to its visitors in a quaint place.  


  • Buxa Tiger Reserve – is also one of the most famous destinations of Dooars and is a haven for nature lovers. It is famous for having the 2nd largest population of Tigers in West Bengal Sunderbans.


If you're planning a trip to this beautiful destination then you can stay at the best hotel in Murti Dooars to experience a comfortable vacation. Murti is a gorgeous place and you can experience a relaxing vacation with a good hotel that offers extensive services.

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