An Ultimate Forest Resort That is Perfect For A Getaway Trip

An Ultimate Forest Resort That is Perfect For A Getaway Trip


Sometimes, the hustle and bustle, the lights and the loud noises of the city life can take a toll on any individual. Your mind craves for serenity and silence during such times. A getaway to a place resting in nature�s lap can do the trick for you. Go on weekend trip and stay in the best resorts in Dooars to refresh your mind and replenish your energy. Table of contents:

  1. Spacious rooms
  2. Garden/ Lounging area
  3. The view

Resort Trimurti is one of the best resorts in Dooars, located in close proximity to all of the tourist destinations in the area. Here are some of the reasons our customers keep choosing to stay with us for their Dooars visits. Spacious rooms The metro life feels stuffy at times, which is why our resort has massive spacious rooms for you so that you do not feel congested at all. Our spacious rooms are perfect for you to give that alone time you might need to reconnect with your thought without feeling like you are being suffocated within four walls. Our rooms are designed in a manner that provides extreme comfort and satisfaction even if you spend your entire weekend cozying up in your room. All of our rooms are assembled with modern amenities to maintain luxury living of our guests. With room service at your beck and call, you can stay stashed away in your corner of the world for as long as you�d like. Garden/ Lounging area The garden, lounging area is perfect to relax and soak up the warmth of the summer sun. It is also an ideal place for your kids to run around if you are on a family vacation. Kids thrive best when they are left in open spaces to play. Let them have the time of their life. City spaces are crowded and having a large garden to play around in is every kid�s greatest wish. You can also choose to engage in their activities or its okay if you just want to relax and supervise them from a distance. There is even a banquet hall for wedding ceremonies or if you want to throw a party for your friends. The view The mountains and the endless sky serve as a backdrop for our resort. Located amidst the lush green tea plantations and the forest, nature is just a step away. The chirp of a variety of birds, native and migratory, is a symphony for your ears. Indulge in your thirst for nature to the fullest. You can even go on fishing trips in a lake nearby, or trek to a nearby village. All of these factors come together to make Resort Trimurti one of the best resorts in Dooars.

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