Top Off-Beat Destinations Around Murti That You Must Visit

Top Off-Beat Destinations Around Murti That You Must Visit


All folks know that India is essentially visited by many foreign tourists all around the year but contrary to the very fact, there are still countless destinations that have remained secluded from tourism for years. Similarly, theres this place within the North-East region of the state which besides being a well-liked tourist spot, still houses several untouched and unexplored places. And therefore, the famous spot is none aside from but Dooars, also referred to as ‘The Gateway to Bhutan’. Its but a secure haven for the tourists who are in search of retirement far away from the maddening crowd amidst nurturing the soul of nature. Book the best resort in Gorumara Murti

Some of the hidden gems of Dooars and Murti region:


Cardamom plantation, yes! This lesser-known destination of Dooars is best known for its impressive cardamom farming. Situated on the banks of River Jaldhaka, this quaint hamlet boasts of serene ambience and surreal beauty making Jhalong a perfect location to spend some leisurely time relishing nature’s beauty.


Located at about only 13 km far away from Jhalong, Bindu is perhaps the simplest place for somebody to locate themselves far away from the rambunctious city life right into the lap of Mother Nature. Book the best resort in Gorumara Murti


Picturesque location, lovely landscapes, exquisite flowers, cosy resorts and surreal atmosphere are the few delightful aspects that participate in justifying the above statement about Dalgaon. this is often perhaps a perfect place for people that are keen on nature and like to spend time in solitude amidst the enchanting natural surroundings.


Away from the monotonous schedule of life, if you’re trying to find a true retreat, Paren is indeed the proper place for you. Surrounded by the gorgeous lofty hills, rolling green meadows, and meandering river streams, Paren may be a remarkably blessed location of Dooars which delivers a tranquil ambience, ideal for those that wants to look at nature in its serene form.


Situated on the brink of the Bhutan border along the meandering river inside the luxurious green forest of Buxa, Raimatang may be a lovely natural blessed village of Dooars which is rich in flora and fauna, scenic landscape views and a variety of adventure activities. due to its close proximity to Buxa Tiger Reserve, the sighting of untamed animals becomes a standard occurrence.


Endowed with emerald green forests, lush tea gardens and a criss-cross of small river streams is sited the luxuriant Raidak Forest which offers a visible get back the tourists in making their trip an unforgettable sojourn. its also possible to get the settlements of the Rabha tribe and their unique culture & traditions.


Known for its second-largest tiger population and also for housing an upscale sort of rare orchids and medicinal plants, Sikiajhora may be a real treat to experience. Even more fascinating is that the boat ride while exploring the dense forests and taking note of the sounds of gurgling rivers and chirping of exquisite birds. So, at what conclusion have you ever arrived? If youre convinced to go to the above-mentioned places then hurry and pack your stuff, make prior bookings for Dooars and obtainable to witness the sweetness of nature. Book the best resort in Gorumara Murti.

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