Best Places to Visit Near Murti on a Weekend Trip

Best Places to Visit Near Murti on a Weekend Trip


If life seems to be boring and you cant mind enough time to settle down your mind in between running into the office desk and returning to home, then you desperately need a break. Make your weekend appealing by planning a weekend trip to visit near Murti and explore the hidden treasure on earth by exploring the surroundings. Murti is a small village located in the Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal that offers so many things all together that you discover something new within yourself. Spending time with nature is the therapy of human beings and the Dooars region of northern West Bengal is the best option to explore paradises. The name Murti is originated with the name of the river having the same name. Murti River divides the forests and separated the boundaries of Gorumara national park and Chapramari wildlife sanctuary. Birds, mammals, reptiles, rivers, and captivating views of Himalayan ranges make this region extremely popular among travelers from ancient times. Legends of Bengal like Novel literate Rabindranath Tagore also spend his time over there and legacy is maintained till today by the top celebrities of the state. Popular actor and wildlife enthusiast Mr. Sabyasachi Chakraborty dedicated his life towards wildlife protection and visit Dooars regularly. According to such great personalities, nature needs to be worshipped rather than finding God inside an idol. Preserving and protecting nature is the prime responsibility of every human being. Murti and its nearby places welcome every nature lover to experience the best time of their life. Here, we like to highlight some of the enchanting places near Murti, one must visit during a weekend trip.

Places to Visit Near Murti

Gorumara National Park

 Visting Gorumara national park is the best thing you must experience during your visit near Murti. This national park is counted among the best national parks in India and offers an abundance of birds, mammals, reptiles, flower species, and dense forest. You can start your day by listening to the chirping of birds and soothing ambiance. Elephants are most common in this region and can be available near the resort where you stay after the sunset. Try to avoid walking outside the campus after sunset as the giant animal might turn into a terror. You can also witness Gaur, leopard, sambar deer, one-horned rhinos and other creatures in this picturesque location of Dooars.

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

 This famous wildlife sanctuary is known for the abundance of India elephants and the name Chapramari is originated from a variety of small fish called Chapra and Mari signifies abundant in their language. This wildlife sanctuary is located on the northern side of Gorumara and is divided by the Murti River. Rhinoceros, Deer, boars, leopards, kingfishers, and green pigeons along with other creatures are also available inside the forest. Try to spend more time with nature instead of sitting in the room because every time you meet nature, you can discover something new about it.

Kalipur Eco Village

 If you are planning for a memorable trip by staying in the lap of nature then Kalipur Eco Village is the best option for you which is located between Murti and Jaldhaka rivers. Staying in Kalipur is like getting close to nature by vanishing the stress and worries. Once you visit this place, it will become your favorite destination as it offers serenity and peacefulness in the middle of the jungle. Go for a jungle with a local guide to explore the village people who love to welcome you in the world where nature creates the mystery. Birds like peacocks, serpent eagles, rufous teepees, bulbul, dragons, black ibis, greater pied hornbill, and red jungle fowls are commonly found in this village. You can also enjoy camping near the riverside.

Dhupjhora Elephant Camp

 Elephants are special and attract a huge number of tourists every year in the Dooars region. The group of elephants marching towards one place from another is something the give Goosebumps. Dhupjhora Elephant Camp is located on the western bank of the Murti River and considered to be one of the best places to enjoy your weekend trip. This place is also known as Gachbari that means treehouse. Spend at least one night in the treehouse to feel the wildness truly. Sometimes you can find a bird sitting in the window of the treehouse or you might get delighted with a group of colourful butterflies. Enjoy elephant riding and witness the panoramic view of the Gorumara national park from the tower.

Jaldhaka, Jhalong, and Bindu

 You can explore these three places at the same time as they near each other. Jhalong is 28 KM away from Murti and known for its green lushes, dense forest and mesmerizing landscapes of eastern Himalaya. Bindu is 22 km away from Jhalong and considered to be the last village of West Bengal and very near to Bhutan. On the other hand, Jaldhaka is a small village and shares its name with a river with the same name. Jaldhaka Hydel Project is made over the river but still, the place is blessed with incomparable natural beauty throughout the year. You will find quality accommodation facilities in these places to make fun during your weekend trip. Life is all about searching happiness and fun by traveling to these places where nature creates the magic with an abundance of bird species, mammals and other creatures. Best places near Murti can be explored during your next weekend trip for finding peace and happiness at the same time.

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