Best Places To Visit In Dooars

Best Places To Visit In Dooars


Dooars is a beautiful holiday destination known for its diverse biodiversity, lush greenery, wildlife, and vibrant culture and traditions. It attracts lots of tourists from all around the world due to its immense natural beauty, serene atmosphere, tranquil villages, compelling landscapes and temples, and historical sites which makes it an ideal destination for a relaxing vacation.


Dooars is a great destination to relax and rejuvenate and forget about the stress of life and work in a beautiful destination. You can book a resort in Dooars to get the best experience of this mesmerizing place and have a luxurious and comfortable stay in a place full of natural beauty.


Dooars is a haven for nature lovers as it is abundantly blessed with natural beauty and is famous for its amazing wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. It is home to many wild animals some of which can include elephants, rhinos, bison, deer, leopards, snakes, and many more animals including many types of birds.


As Dooars is made up of various beautiful destinations it has a plethora of places to visit and attractions to see. Visitors can sometimes have a hard time deciding on where to go and what to see depending on the time. So here are some of the best places to visit in Dooars:


  • Gorumara National Park – is a beautiful park that provides jeep rides through the peaceful and fascinating deep jungle. Visitors can take safaris on jeeps with guides and visit towers deep in the jungle which are great for spotting wildlife.


  • Buxa Fort – is a fascinating historical site that offers its visitors an uphill trek to reach it. This place was famously used by the British to detain Indian freedom fighters.


  • Buxa Tiger Reserve – contains the second largest number of tigers in West Bengal just after Sunderbans and offers jungle safaris in the majestic forest. During these safaris, you can spot elephants, Indian bison, leopards, many types of deer, and other wild animals.
  • Murti – is a popular tourist spot in Dooars named after the gorgeous river Murti that flows through it. It is a popular picnic spot and you can enjoy the beautiful view of the serene river in a peaceful atmosphere.


  • Jaldapadha national park – is famous for its elephant safaris and one-horned rhinos and contains a variety of different wildlife including elephants, deer, bison, tigers, leopards, and many others.


Book the best resort in Dooars to get a comfortable and luxurious stay in a fascinating place filled with natural beauty. Take a relaxing and soothing holiday in Dooars and delve deep into the beauty of this majestic destination and explore many of its mesmerizing destinations.

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