A Few Quick Tips about Staying at Murti Resort

A Few Quick Tips about Staying at Murti Resort


Dooars region in North Bengal welcomes a huge number of tourists every year and people like to spend their time over thereby rejuvenating the mind and soul. Dooars offer so many destinations to explore and Murti is one of the most popular destinations that hold a special place in people’s heart. The name Murti is taken from a River with the same name which is flowing down from the Neora Valley National Park. Murti lies in between Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary and Gorumara National Park. You can walk into the wildness of Gorumara by staying at Murti Resort. Murti is known for its scenic view and amazing landscapes. Bengal tourism gives their best to highlight these regions and gives you the chance to experience nature by getting closer. Resorts in Murti maintain their warm hospitality by providing modern amenities to their guest so that they will enjoy their stay without looking for any other option. You will enjoy unlimited fun by check-in into the resort. But here in this blog, we come with few tips about staying at Murti Resort.

Quick Tips about Staying at Murti Resort

Choose the best location

 Murti is a small village in North Bengal and is a popular destination for exploring the beauty of nature. Before choosing your resort you must navigate the location in terms of getting the best views. Generally, people skip this step and get unsatisfied after reaching the place. It is always better to ask the management about the location so that you can enjoy the view of the Murti River by looking outside the window of your room.

Research Reviews Online

Everyone will tell you the best things about their services but in the age of digitalization, you have the smart option to research reviews online. Visit the website of the resort which has chosen and read the reviews. It helps you to understand how people share their experiences about staying in that particular resort. Most of the time they highlight positive reviews on the top but you must read all the reviews to get a clearer picture.

Look about the security

Traveling is about experiencing or discovering new things but that doesn’t mean that you will put yourself in the danger. Staying secure and safe is essential as you take expensive gadgets with you like a camera and laptop. Make sure that the resort must provide door lock and other security options to make you feel secure. It is better to keep your valuable stuff with you when you went outside your room for any reason.

Put out the "Do Not Disturb" sign when you leave the room

 Privacy is important and putting the Do Not Disturb sign you can manage your privacy especially when you arrange the things according to your style and comfort or when you are staying with your family. You might not like disturbance from any staffs. But try to put off the “Do Not Disturb” board when you are leaving the room so that the cleaning staff will clean your room instead of disturbing your privacy.

Ask for Sightseeing Experiences

Internet is always there to help you with your needs but every time you cant rely on the internet as everything is not there. Murti resort provides you necessary information about the sightseeing and local experiences. Ask them to give information so that you can plan your trip in better terms. You can enjoy jungle safari at Gorumara National Park by taking the valid information.

Tip to make them feel special

It completely depends on your mentality and wishes but helping the staffs by giving tip will make them feel better and creates the difference. They will show some extra care and feel happy to give services. Tipping your cleaning person is a sign of humanity nothing else there is no such rule for showing such behavior.

Be kind as it costs nothing

The management will take the best care of you and provide you all the essential amenities but in return, you must behave gently. Soft voice, kindness and a smile on your face can make wonders. You must respect the staffs to get better response and services through the management always comes up with warm hospitality to make you better during your stay in a resort. Plan your vacation in the lap of nature and book Murti Resort to explore the captivating landscapes and incomparable beauty of nature. Hopefully, these quick tips will help you to make your stay comfortable and convenient in terms of enjoying every moment at your best.

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