5 Sightseeing Places You Might Not Miss While Visiting Dooars

5 Sightseeing Places You Might Not Miss While Visiting Dooars


Dooars is a popular tourist spot that attracts tourists, wild explorers, and nature lovers. Surrounded by the tea garden, lush green mountain valley, colorful flowers, amazing birds, the flow of the rapid river, exploring the wild species is the most adventurous journey you ever expect.

Every year all around the world people come here and stay hotel in Dooars to gain an adventurous experience of nature’s awesome beauty. The most interesting part is many hotels and resorts in Dooars are very close to the wildlife forests that offer tourists spectacular views of wildlife species through resorts.

But there are few sightseeing spots without which your journey becomes incomplete. Let’s take a tour to explore them:


Mongpong is a small village which is located at the edge of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary and provides a delicate view of the wildlife sanctuary and Teesta Basin. Wild explorers come from all around to globe to witness the mightiness of the Teesta River.

This place is a paradise for bird watchers where you can capture your lens a wide variety of birds such as Brahminy duck, Pintail duck, Poachard, Bar-headed goose.


Chilapata is a dense jungle which is located 28 km from Alipurduar, near the Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary of Eastern Dooars. This is the home of elephants, one-horned rhinoceros, leopards, and wild pigs.

Here, you can also find a large variety of butterflies. Travelers from all around the world, come here to visit the Chilapata forest is during March-April to spot one-horned rhinoceros.


Madarihat is a small town located in the Alipurduar District, famous for its wooden furniture. It is situated in the proximity of Jaldapara National Park, one of the famous tourist spots known for Indian rhinoceros.

Madarihat is blessed with a lush tea garden, tropical forest, hilly region, and small cascading streams. This is an important tourist hub that offers visitors an amazing and beautiful landscape view.


Hasimara is a small town in Central Dooars and one of the famous among the tourists for its railway connectivity to Bhutan. Many travelers attract for its natural beauty and also to see the elephant corridor between Jaldapara Forest and Buxa Tiger Reserve.

Hasimara is also known for its lush green tea garden and tropical monsoon forest. There is an Air force Base the closest Indian airbase is also a tourist attraction point. Hasimara lies between two rivers Torsa on the west and Basra on the East are the perfect spots for a picnic.


Without viewing Murti, the journey of exploring Dooars is incomplete. Murti is a fabulous tourist spot, located in the Dooars region of North Bengal. It is a great place for nature lovers and bird watchers and especially for those who are looking for some serenity and peace.

This is the best place for camping along with hiking. Murti is one of the most peaceful places that is covering most of the pictorial sights.

The journey of the Murti river ends when it meets the larger river Jaldhaka. Every year many tourists come here to enjoy the breathtaking nature views by staying Murti tourist resort.

Last but not the least; the popular Gorumara National Park is not very far away from Murti. Rainwater is the primary source of the river Murti, and it's not glacier-fed and most importantly the river can cross on foot.

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