4 lavishly beautiful Tea Gardens in Dooars that you must visit [mandatory]

4 lavishly beautiful Tea Gardens in Dooars that you must visit [mandatory]


‘A candid moment in life is a cup of in one hand and a bunch of cookie in the other’ At the confluence of the foothills of the Eastern Himalayan ranges and surrounded by a variety of shades of thick greenery, Dooars is an iconic place to discover! Dooars is not only famous for having a wide range of tourism; it is equally significant for being home to a number of tea gardens. Don’t miss the scope to indulge in the beauty of tea gardens by staying hotels in Murti, Dooars.  

Experience Tea Tourism?

Tea tourism gives you the opportunity to get

  • The idea of exploring the vast tea landscape.
  • A chance to understand the process of manufacturing tea
  • The idea of making processed tea leaves after they are plucked from the gardens.
  • And the extensive following steps it undergoes before being made available readily in a cup for breakfast.


What can you look forward to learning here?

The selection of tea gardens in Dooars is based on

  • The quality of tea production
  • The effect of environments on tea production
  • The labour of workers on tea production
  • Replantation
  • Soil conservation
  • Sustainability of growth

Who doesn’t want to wake up to a peaceful misty eyed foggy morning in a colonial bungalow overlooking the snow-capped peaks on one side and a wide stretch of tea gardens on the other? Feeling Wow? It gives you more than you have ever imagined about.

The popular Tea Gardens of Dooars!!

Famous tea gardens in Dooars are enlisted below

1. Batabari Tea Estate

[caption id="attachment_446" align="alignnone" width="635"] Image Courtesy: http://amalgamatedplantations.co.in/[/caption] The Batabari Tea Estate owes its name to the houses which are made of a particular bamboo species known as – ‘Bata’. Total Area- 487.59 hectares Allotted Tea Area- 298.50 hectares Total Production of CTC Tea- 6.50 lakh kilograms  

2. Damdim Tea Estate

[caption id="attachment_445" align="alignnone" width="612"] Image Courtesy: beyondlust.in/[/caption] The origin of ‘Dam Dim’ is from the name of– Dim Dima, an interesting insect found in the North East. Total Area- 1361.51 hectares Allotted Tea Area- 738 hectares Total Production of CTC Tea- 19 lakh kilograms  

3. Nowera Nuddy Tea Estate

[caption id="attachment_452" align="alignnone" width="624"] Image Courtesy: amalgamatedplantations.co.in/[/caption] Nowera Nuddy derives its unique name from the River Neora which originates from the Bhutan hills. Total Area- 1365.99 Allotted Tea Area- 252.90 Total Production of CTC Tea- 6 lakh kilograms

4. Rungamattee Tea Estate

[caption id="attachment_450" align="alignnone" width="629"] Image Courtesy: rungamattee.com[/caption] Rungamuttee Tea Estate derives its name from ‘rung’ meaning red and ‘muttee’ meaning soil. Total Area- 1427.77 hectares Allotted Tea Area-779.63 hectares Total Production of CTC Tea- 16 lakh kilograms  

The stay options you could consider!!

There are a lot of accommodation options available in Dooars to stay pleasantly with your dear ones. While you are in Dooars, it is advisable to stay in the cozy resort cum hotel near Murti River. These accommodation options will provide you with heartwarming amenities. A wide variety of Murti tourist resorts will make your trip more amusing!   If you wish to know more about Dooar’s and read some more travel stories, you can stay connected to some of the influential handlers whose blogs are an experience #travelblogger www.indianvagabond.com

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