Why You Can Still Visit Dooars during Monsoon?

Why You Can Still Visit Dooars during Monsoon?


Are you getting bored in this Monsoon? Is it really makes you feel disgusting? Take a break and visit Dooars. Monsoon can be enjoyed by gossiping with friends with a cup of tea and spicy ‘pakodas’. One can enjoy it by walking in the rain by holding an umbrella. Monsoon can also be enjoyed by floating a paper boat in the overloaded drains near your home. There are many ways to enjoy the monsoon but all it needs is a good mood and willingness. Sometimes we get bored by sitting inside the home and watching the rain again and again. Do you ever think about traveling to Dooars during Monsoon? Resort in Dooars will make your monsoon interesting. Yes, you can still visit Dooars even during monsoon because nature looks beautiful in every season. Normally, people dropped their plan for Dooars trip and start thinking about other options as they are aware of the fact that the route to national parks remains closed during monsoon. But a nature lover will never agree with such facts because the magic of nature showers intense charm and values in every season. To experience the greenery and wildness of the jungle, one must visit Dooars during monsoon. Resort in Dooars will provide you all the facilities and services to enjoy a pleasant stay over there with unique experiences.

Experiences you can gather with 3 Days Dooars Monsoon Package

Day 1: Chirping of Birds with "Pitter-patter"

 The journey towards Lataguri during monsoon is something that a nature lover will enjoy. The rainfall makes the surrounding wet and the jungle looks more distinct and appealing. Sometimes when the rain stops and the brightness increases you will find everything so magical and heavenly. It is risky to travel towards any hill station during the monsoon as the road becomes slippery and landslide may happen. But in plain areas like Dooars, you will enjoy everything by holding the excitement. Once you reach Lataguri, take some time to get relaxed and enjoy a cup of tea. Consult with the hotel manager and visit Medhla watchtower in the afternoon. The Watchtower will remain open throughout the year. It helps you to experience the greenery and freshness of the jungle along with the chirping of birds. You will find the scene more interesting when elephants start crossing the Murti River and nature will continuously highlight the best part of it. To reach the watchtower you can enjoy bullock cart ride to make the moment more exciting.

Day 2: Enjoy Sightseeing Experience with Eco Village of Kalipur

 Dooars covers a big area and somehow it is not possible to cover the whole of Dooars in 3 days. Because the land is divided into two districts i.e. Alipurduar and Jalpaiguri. Even a portion went into the Indian state of Assam and called ‘Assam Dooars. Still, you can visit some of the nearby areas like Jhalong, Bindu and Murti along with the mesmerizing view of Kalipur. The eco-village of Kalipur can be a perfect place for you to witness nature during monsoon. Here you can enjoy a great time by moving toward Jhalong and Bindu. Jhalong is 36 km away from Lataguri where you can find Jaldhaka River. And Bindu is 47 km away from where you can watch rubber and cardamom plantations. Return back to Murti by 4 PM and enjoy the breath-taking view of Murti. It looks amazing during monsoon as the water level rises and gives you a chance to enjoy a river bath. Murti is very near to Lataguri and takes 20 minutes to get back to your place. Resort in Dooars offers you evening tea and snacks that help you to discuss your sightseeing experiences genuinely.

Day 3: Explore Samsing and Sunthalekhola with Elephant Ride

 Start the morning with an Elephant ride which makes you feel better in every respect. You need to discuss with the resort manager to know the exact timing for elephant ride normally it starts from 6:30 AM. After the elephant ride, you must enjoy your breakfast and get ready for the excursion towards Samsing and Sunthalekhola. Both the places are 40 km away from Lataguri and can be reached by one hour. Samsing is a small village in Dooars and famous for tea gardens. You can feel the greenery and peace all around by enjoying the gurgling sound of the Murti River. Sunthalekhola is another paradise that makes you delightful and satisfied from inside in a true sense. The name Sunthalekhola is taken from Nepali words Suntaley that means ‘Oranges’ and Khola that means ‘stream’. To taste the oranges you need to visit the place during winter but the stream looks ferocious during monsoon which is a treat to eyes. Nature will never give you everything at one point in time. So you need to enjoy what you are getting at a particular point of time instead of complaining about what you are missing. The best time is when you going to experience the beauty of nature because nature is always beautiful with the changing seasons. Resort in Dooars will maintain proper accommodation and excellent services which makes your trip memorable and quite exciting.

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