A Weekend Gate-away to Chalsa from Siliguri

A Weekend Gate-away to Chalsa from Siliguri


Chalsa, which is popularly known as the queen of Dooars, attracts a lot of travellers on a daily basis. It is a town that is surrounded by the Gorumara national park on one side and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary on the other. Beautifully located, this place has a plethora of both flora and fauna living in a great harmony with each other. That is why the resorts in Chalsa are quite popular as they host a huge amount of travellers all throughout the year. Chalsa is in a way quite strategically located as most of the famous tourist destinations are located very closely from there.

Below is the itinerary for a weekend tour to Chalsa

Siliguri is one of the most important centres of North Bengal due to its communication routes that are connected to almost all the beautiful tourist destinations in North Bengal and Sikkim. If you set off from this town then it will take approximately 1.5 hours for you to reach Chalsa. So assuming that you leave as early as possible you are bound to reach your first and foremost destination right before the afternoon. The resorts in Chalsa can be pre booked online or through a travel agency as well. resorts in Chalsa As soon as you reach Chalsa, you can keep your luggage at your resort and after a quick lunch you can leave for some expeditions.

Day 1

You can dedicate an entire day to exploring the Gorumara National park. The wildlife out there is one of the most diversified one. You will get to see various animals like the Indian Gaur, rhinos, tigers, elephants, various kinds of migratory birds. After you explore the Gorumara National park, you can taste some local cuisines that are prepared by the tribal communities that live there. Long drives are also something that you can go for. With unadultered beauty of the dense forests on both the sides of the highway you are surely going to get the chills while returning at night.

Day 2

On the second day, you can visit the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary which is located on the other side of the Murti River. This forest is basically a continuation of Gorumara forest. There too you will get to see a small reserve of wildlife. If you ask you tour operator he will give you more insight on this particular forest. After some expeditions in Chapramari you can have a small picnic by the banks of Murti to end your second day of the trip. In a nutshell you are definitely going to have a fun filled weekend by if you go by this short and crisp plan. And the resorts in Chalsa have their own travel experts who can guide you.

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