Three Pet-Friendly Hotels in Lataguri

Three Pet-Friendly Hotels in Lataguri


"The path of Sound Credence is through the thick Forest of Skepticism."- George Jean Nathan Forests are places where our love and fear meet. It is that unknown destination where we go knowingly but lose our self unknowingly. Dooars are the places where you must visit in a lifetime. It has a combination of everything from forests to river, from beautiful resorts to wild animals. Lataguri is a place that is located near NH-31. You can also consider it the starting point of Gurumaa Forest. It is a beautiful place to be and a silent hamlet that surrounds you with peace and aww. If you are coming to North Bengal, then you must plan a visit to Lataguri. The best part is you can bring your pet here and stay with it in a hotel. There are pet-friendly hotels in Lataguri. They allow your pets the same respect and love that they bestow on you. However, not all hotels in Lataguri allow pets but some hotels do allow pets. In this manner, you do not need to leave your pet at home rather travel with it and stay with it. Now its time you get to know about those hotels that allow the pet in Lataguri:

  1. Jupiter:

Jupiter offers you one of the best accommodations in Lataguri. A decent hotel allows you a decent stay. It has rooms for you as well as your pet. Moreover, it has food for you and for your pet. Its front desk is 24hours open and has a nice childrens playground. It also has a restaurant where you can enjoy delicious food.

  1. Resort Trimurti:

This resort is so beautiful from outside as well as inside. You can always bring your pet here and enjoy your stay. They have wonderful gardens and nice rooms. Their rooms are very comfortable to stay in. Moreover, the room service is incredible. If you are planning to come to Lataguri consider Resort Trimurti for once.

  1. Aranya Resorts:

This hotel gives service of 24 hours front desk so that the guests can be assisted throughout the clock. It is located in Lataguri. Once you check in this hotel, you get to see the love and respect for their guests. They treat your pet so well that you feel like visiting this hotel repeatedly. Do come to Lataguri and stay in Aranya Resorts. The Lataguri Hotel rates are within budget. So do not think about the budget anymore.

  1. Hashana The Green Castle, Lataguri:

This is a place where you can enjoy the fullest with your family and friends. It is a beautiful hotel surrounded by greenery. Not only your family and friends but also your pet will love it. They will allow you a comfortable stay with all the amenities provided to you. A user also read:4 Tribal Dance forms that Express Dooars Culture Your stay: To make your stay a comfortable one, a resort in dooars Lataguri is always ready with its facilities. Come to dooars and experience the bliss of nature.

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