A Perfect Place to Set Free the Wild Child in You

A Perfect Place to Set Free the Wild Child in You


The inner child never dies and is always curious to experience the things that nature has to offer. Dooars is a delight for every traveller who wants to keep his inner child alive. Every year Dooars attract travellers around the world to experience its rich exhibition of the natural landscape. Along with the variety of natural vegetation to offer there are also nearby resorts in Lataguri that caters to every need of travellers. These resorts are well maintained by the efforts of quality staff and personnel and promise to provide the experience in the region. This is article is based on one of the finest things that you can experience in Dooars along with a small description of the finest resorts in Lataguri that can amplify the experience of your stay. Table of Content:

  1. Places you need to visit
  2. Resort Trimurti
  3. Conclusion

Places you need to visit Dooars is a place that is full of natural wonder and you can visit those places from our resort as they are in close proximity. These are the best places that will give you a thrilling experience in the region and bring back the inner wild child in you. The major sightseeing opportunities in the region are

  1. Bindu

It is a village that is recognized as the last village of West Bengal and is renowned for cardamom plantation.

  1. Chalsa

It is the major attraction of Dooars as most of the national park and wildlife sanctuary is located in this region. The region is the home of Gorumara National Park, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, Jaldapara National Park and Buxa Tiger Reserve. This region is known for its weekly markets and jungle safaris.

  1. Jhalong

River Jhalong attracts the fancy of many travellers who are widely interested in camping. Nearby places is also a premier destination for honeymoon couples.

  1. Murti

The Murti River is a major tourist attraction in Dooars. It is widely renowned for its camping and picnic spots. You can enjoy good food by witnessing the magnificent streams of this river.

  1. Samsing

The place is widely known for its lush green vegetation, tea plantation, hills and rivers. These factors contribute to the beautiful view of this place. Through Samsing you can easily visit the Neora Valley National Park.

  1. Suntalekhola

Suntalekhola is a beautiful region just like others that are blessed with all-around greenery. This region is also the home of characteristic birds and insects. Resort Trimurti Our resort is the epitome of class and hospitality which has garnered us with a lot of positive feedback from many of our previous customers. Being one of the best resorts in Lataguri, we have always provided the best in terms of hospitality, cuisine, security, emergency to name a few. We are sure that you will love both the place and our services. Conclusion Dooars is an awesome place to witness the miracles of nature but it should also be supported with a good resort booking where you can rest and begin your journey with full enthusiasm.

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