Nature Interpretation of Lataguri

Nature Interpretation of Lataguri


Lataguri Nature Interpretation

When someone talks of contentment, it is unavoidable to mention nature. The word seems to be derived from the latter. For a person to experience serenity in true sense, he or she has to find its way through nature’s lap. In the nature-rich region of North Bengal lies a big source of peace in the form of lush greenery, breezy streams of pristine rivers, pleasing sounds of the migratory birds and rich flora and fauna. Lataguri in the Dooars region is truly the virtual gateway to happiness in all the forms. Explore this space of smiling Mother Earth and its components proudly spreading the vibe to its visitors from even the tiny tilt of grass. Confirm your arrival by booking our magical stay in the best resort in Lataguri. Bring some extra time along with you, because you cannot get enough of the untouched beauty.

The speciality of Lataguri

A traveler always looks for the unique factor in the destination. The beauty of Lataguri is that you need absorb every corner and you can effortlessly search the USP of this heavenly destination. However, for the fact-keepers, this region boasts of some of the famous World Heritage sites as stated UNESCO. Its popularity lies in its thick dense forests that is home to multiple endangered species, the rivers that add to the serene sightseeing and the roaring unseen wildlife spotting that make this place, a perfect paradise for short getaways. You can stay in the resort in Lataguri and live the dreamy life you always fantasized off. The smell of freshness from all around you along with the lavish amenities of the resort life can make her heart melt with warmth.  Here are some of the renowned sites that add to the importance of naturally ornamented region of Lataguri.

  • Gorumara National Park
  • Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Murti River
  • Jayanti Mahakal Caves
  • Jaldhaka
  • Bindu
  • Buxa Tiger Reserve
  • Buxa Fort

This is not it. Once you are in the Lataguri region, you ought to visit the miraculously beautiful places nearby. Some of them are Samsing, Suntalekhola, Latpanchore, Jaldapra National Park and more.

Looking beyond the views of nature

When Lataguri might be the perfect escape from the chaotic schedules of yours, but it is not just limited to that. The nature ahs its own way of greeting you there and it is filled with surprises. The list of activities you go do while in your stay in the best resort in Lataguri is mesmerizing.

  • Jungle Safari
  • Elephant and Wildlife Safari
  • Trekking to discover the hidden beauties
  • Camping alongside the captivating rivers
  • Plan a picnic
  • Perfect destination for a get togethers and parties like wedding, birthdays (resorts in Lataguri have ideal provisions and they help you with the arrangements)
  • Wildlife and Nature Photography

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