Feel The Adventurous Vibes Of Lataguri

Feel The Adventurous Vibes Of Lataguri


Perched on the outskirt of Gorumara National Park, NH No. 31, Lataguri, a census town, brings you the core adventurous delights to tourists. Besides adventure, here, the sense of serenity is worth exploring. Planning an outdoor trip to this incredible tourist spot ensures a perfect holiday.

If your tour plan resolves around staying in this settlement, get comfy accommodation. A good number of budget hotels in Dooars, Lataguri await you. Book accommodation at your convenience. Finding out a resort in Lataguri based on your budget goals is no deal.

The density of flora ad fauna in this region attracts adventure seekers and nature lovers. Wildlife tourism has come a long way, therefore. The distant mountainous sights in Dooars are sure to double your trip fun. This blog lets you explore some choicest attractions here.

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  • Gorumara National Park sets the chief appeal for tourists. Its One-Horned Indian Rhinoceros attract tourists to a great extent. Lying in the Himalayan foothills in the Dooars area, the forest region involves a mid-sized territory.

Rich in wild habitats, this forest offers an exquisite group of Asian elephants, sloth bears, hog deer, barking deer, wild boar, python, wolves, leopard, King cobra, etc. Submontane forest birds include Asian paradise flycatcher, sunbird, scarlet minivet, spangled drongo, great Indian hornbill, pheasants, woodpeckers, etc.

  • Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary and Gorumara National Park get separated by the river Murti. Believed to be a continuation of Gorumara National Park, Chapramari forest is about 30 km away from Lataguri. The region entails an area of 960 hectares.

This region is home to exclusive wildlife creatures, including elephants, leopards, Indian Bison, spotted deer, sambar, wild boars, chital, barking deer, and so on. However, people say, you have to be lucky enough to spot one-horned Indian Rhinos in Chapramari. Forest birds range from mynas, scarlet minivet, Indian treepie, green magpie, thrush, white-breasted kingfisher, to migratory birds, such as Bhahmini ducks, teals.

  • Chilapata National Forest is one of the forests that lie in the Dooars region in the Alipurduar district. Nestled near the Jaldapara National Park, this dense forest famous for Nalraja Garh belongs to Gupta Period. Tourists love forest safari towards the Kodalbasti forest area and Mendabari watch tower.

Common wildlife creatures comprise elephants, wild pigs, leopards, rhinos, Indian Bison, etc. Places to visit nearby involve Mahakal Cave, Buxa Tiger Reserve, Buxa Fort, Pokhir hill range, Bhuta Basti, et al. Choose your accommodation according to your destination. So that transportation remains seamless. Have cost-effective Lataguri hotel rates online.

To conclude, wise to book a resort in a privileged location. That means if your attractions and accommodation location don’t align well, transportation can be a hassle. Talk to your hotelier in order to learn their location, booking policy, cancelation policy, and amenities they offer tourists visiting Dooars, Lataguri.

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