Dive Into The Wildlife Adventure In Lataguri

Dive Into The Wildlife Adventure In Lataguri


Snuggly nestled in the lap of Dooars, Lataguri is a census town belonging to the Jalpaiguri district noted for its wildlife luster. It’s a haven for a great variety of wildlife species and One Horned Indian Rhinoceros is the star attraction in the region. Dotted with vast stretches of lively pastures, Lataguri promises an unforgettable jungle exploration.

To promote and sustain responsible tourism, Lataguri features a good number of eco-friendly stays, where tourists experience promising forest stay delights. Avail of a well-appointed jungle resort in Latagurithat provides essential modern amenities along with authentic jungle stay pleasures.

The quaint settlement of Lataguri is on the fringe of the iconic Gorumara National Park. If you’re traveling to Lataguri from Siliguri, it takes about 2 hours. From Chalsa, Lataguri is around 30 min away. Both private and state buses are available for Lataguri, also, you can hire a taxicab for a more seamless road journey.

Lataguri exploration takes you through the off beaten trails, and lush vegetation, catering to unparalleled nature walks, ideal for nature enthusiasts. While on the Lataguri holiday, be on famous outdoor activities like jungle safaris, watch tower visits, camping, hiking, picnics, bonfires, and birdwatching. Let’s talk about the two spectacular wildlife attractions in Lataguri:

Gorumara National Park

Famed for its population of One-horned Indian rhinoceros, Gorumara National Park is a medium-sized park, spanning over an area of 80 sq. km. This national park is a major wildlife spot in India beautifully located at the foothills of the eastern Himalayas in the Western Dooars region. Near Gorumara, there are several well-appointed resorts to check in, offering an affordable Lataguri resort price.

Canvased with luxuriant forests and vast grasslands, Gorumara was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1949 and a national park in 1992, home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. On jungle safari, spot Indian rhinoceros, wild boar, leopards, elephants, hog deer, sloth bears, barking deer, etc.

A wide range of submontane forest birds dwelling in the park includes the Asian paradise flycatcher, scarlet minivet, Indian hornbill, peafowls, Great Spangled Drongo, endangered brahmini ducks, etc. Poisonous snakes like King Cobra and Paithon are spotted in the terrain. Stay close to Gorumara National Park, find the best resort in Lataguri near Gorumara.

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is a dwelling place for a variety of wildlife species and bird watching is widely popular there. Divided by the Murti River originated high above the Neora Valley National Park, the protected area of Chapramari was established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1998. You can plan your holiday stay in the top hotel in Dooars Latagurinear the Chapramari region.

Chapramari is a part or continuation of Gorumara National Park, which is around twenty minutes from Gorumara. In this exotic wildlife sanctuary, you can spot over 100 species of birds, such as scarlet minivet, white-breasted kingfisher, thrush, green magpies, Indian treepie, mynas, migratory birds like teals, Brahmini ducks.

In Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, you can spot leopards, boar, Indian bison or gaur, deer, pangolins, elephants, chital, etc. However, Indian rhinoceros are rarely found in the region. In the region of Murti River, Chapramari, and Gorumara, you can book a luxury resort available at cost-effective prices offering an exclusive range of services. B

In order to elevate your Lataguri forest venture, stay in quality accommodations, ensuring the best-in-class hospitality and amenities. Book the best resort in Lataguri with swimming pool, shuttle services, on-site parking, kids’ playground, multicultural restaurant, free and paid conveniences, and further. Make your Lataguri wildlife tour fulfilling and cozy.





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