Common Facilities Available In Dooars Resorts

Common Facilities Available In Dooars Resorts


Dooars is situated in the eastern-northeastern region of India which is surrounded by the foothills of the Great Himalayas in the south and basin of the Brahmaputra River in the north. You can explore the significant forests, lush greenery, diverse biodiversity, ethnic culture, and biodiversity in this region. 

If you’re planning to visit Dooars soon, then you must book a Resort in Dooars Lataguri for getting the best experience. The wide array of amenities and facilities provided by the Dooars resorts will help you in getting a rejuvenating mind with a wonderful journey away from the hustle of city life. 

Given below are some of the common facilities that you can avail of in the Dooars resorts. 

  • Car Parking 

If you’re traveling to Dooars in your private car or you have booked a car for the entire trip, then you can easily park it in the resorts. This is because car parking is one of the most common facilities provided by the Dooars resorts considering the convenience of the guests. 

This facility helps tourists in removing the worry of unsafe parking outside the premises of the accommodation. In the resort, proper safety of the cars will be maintained which will always be monitored through CCTV cameras. 

  • Free Wifi 

The outskirt areas of Dooars can often face the issues of poor network connectivity. For resolving this issue, most of the Dooars resorts often provide high-speed Wifi connectivity. 

The guests are given the facility of availing the free Wifi any time throughout the premises. Through this facility, you can easily be connected with your friends and families. 

  • Laundry Service 

Laundry services are also provided in the best resort in Dooars, where the group of housekeeping staff always works together in ensuring proper hygiene and cleanliness of the guests. 

If you didn’t get the time to bring ironed clothes or it has somehow shrunken during the journey, then you can easily give them to the laundry service for getting properly washed and ironed clothes. 

  • Room Service 

Visiting new places and doing different activities during the Dooars trip can be tiring. The facility of room service provided by the resorts is extremely helpful in these situations. 

The room service staff of the Dooars resorts is just a call away. You can see the menu in your room and call the room service for getting the delicious food catered into your room. 

  • Fine Dining 

Apart from the room services facility, the Dooars resorts also provide the guest with a multi-cuisine restaurant. You can indulge in various delicious items that are enriched with local flavors and tastes. Having freshly cooked meals with all the local ingredients will make your entire trip truly amazing. 

There are a large number of destinations that you can visit in the Dooars region such as Batabari, Lataguri, Buxa, Chalsa, Chilapata, Coochbehar, and Gajoldoba. However, booking a resort in Dooars Lataguri will make the entire journey more comfortable which will also give you a way to explore the local culture.

Dooars has many mesmerizing things to offer such as the natural beauty, tea gardens, diverse culture, and beautiful hamlets. Additionally, the satisfactory service, convenient facilities, aesthetic location, and safety accommodations provided by the Dooars resorts will create a refreshing and memorable stay.  

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