Chalsa- Queen of Dooars

Chalsa Resort West Bengal Queen of Dooars


Chalsa settled in the foothills of the vast stretches of the Himalayas, belongs to the state of West Bengal, is popularly known as "Queen of Dooars". It's a beautiful small town in the Doors region, wrapped in serene beauty, on the other hand, a huge forest domain comprises two wildlife sanctuaries. The most famous attractions for tourists the Gorumara National Park and the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, are the residence of a large number of wild animals. To make your stay adventurous, indelible at the same time hassle-free contact Resort Trimurti, one of the top resorts in chalsa West Bengal. What can you expect during the Chalsa visit? The place is one of the most loved tourist destinations for a number of reasons. Chalsa is fabricated with the rich grace of flora and fauna, including the majestic setting of pleasing beauty. Here your zest for adventure takes a commending twist, where you witness an enthralling gaze of the wildlife sanctuaries.

  • Gorumara National Park- consists of a large forest area and vast grassland, remarkably famous for the immense population of Indian rhinoceros. In the year of 2009, the Ministry of Environment and Forests declared the place as the best forest region among other protected forest areas.

The Gorumara National Park has always been the largest concentration of adventure lovers. Since this area is sited on the bank of the Murti and Radak rivers you can explore the exceptionally calm scenario of the place to the fullest. The park is the home to one-horned rhinos, Indian elephants, deer, sambar, leopard monkey including other mammals. Your exploration during staying at resorts in chalsa West Bengal doesn't stop here, the park is also a habitat for numerous birds from Indian pied hornbill, sunbird, minivet drongo, brahminy duck, woodpeckers to various migratory birds.

  • Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary- this area is basically an expanded portion of Gorumara National park and these two places are split up by the Murti River. In the east part of the Chapramari region comes the Jaldhaka river whereas in the west portion is bounded by the Murti River. Chapramari domain was declared a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1998. A wide range of wild animals birds one can analyze during jangle saffari, and jip safari. Tourists never want to miss out on a chance of seeing enormous elephants, leopards, gaurs, spotted deer, sambar, chital, wild boars, barking deer, and more.

Wild birds such as scarlet minivets, Indian treepies, white-breasted kingfisher, green magpie, and lots more.   We offer everything from modern amenities to tourists security throughout your stay.

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