A travel guide amidst the elegant beauty of Samsing in Dooars!

A travel guide amidst the elegant beauty of Samsing in Dooars!


The land of floating clouds and the endless maze of greenery will leave an everlasting sense of satisfaction in your heart.’

Samsing at a glance!!

The foothills of Himalayas have many destinations to lure you by its greenery but the most famous and beautiful amongst all is Samsing. The endowment of the pictorial landscape, lush green tea gardens, and the daunting hills make this village a favored destination in Dooars. The aura of peace and serenity is still unexplored by many tourists but it must be included in your itinerary list while traveling to Dooars.

Best time to visit there!!

The beauty of Samsing can be relished throughout the year but if you want to witness the sleepy hamlet with the beauty of oranges then the best time to visit Samsing is during October and February.

Reaching Samsing!!

Distance: 78 kilometers Time: 2 hours drive approx. There are many routes to reach Samsing but the best possible route is mentioned below!

  • Siliguri
  • Continue to NH10
  • Follow NH10 and NH17 to Chalsa-Hatkhola-Matelli Road or Matelli-Samsing Road in Chalsa
  • Drive to Matelli-Samsing Road in Samsing Tea Garden
  • Finally, Samsing

Accommodation choices!!

As you enter Samsing, there are not many accommodation facilities. But as you travel towards Suntalekhola you will get home stays providing basic accommodation.

  • Forest Department cottages
  • Tempula Inn

Enjoy a pleasurable stay in this lovely abode of Dooars!

Attractions to treat your eyes!!

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  1. The orange hues of Khasmahal!

A small quaint hamlet in Samsing, Khasmahal is famous for its lush orange which covers the entire pristine hamlet is the color of golden hue during the harvesting season.

  1. The flowery hamlet of Faribasti!

The small picturesque village of Faribasti has about 50 households and is well maintained. Flower gardens are familiar with friendly locals to stay with. You can also take a walk through the village and its paddy land.

  1. The undisturbed nature of Rocky Island!

An attractive tourist spot is the Rocky island nature resort on the banks of the river Murti, but now the whole area has turned into a famous destination. The accommodation here is arranged in tents; you may also visit the riverside and spend some peaceful time here.

  1. The beautiful river Murti!

Flowing down from Neora Valley National Park and passing through Samsing, Murti river is one of the most glittering rivers of Dooars. This river is small enough to cross on foot during most of the year except during the monsoon months.

  1. The everlasting beauty of Suntalekhola!

A drive of 4 kilometers from Samsing will drop you to Suntalekhola. It is entirely an offbeat destination to be kept in the bucket list of Dooars. The music of the slow rustling leaves will take you to a pure and pristine world of Suntalekhola.


  1. Trekking around the river Murti and taking you towards Neora Valley National Park.
  2. The bank of River Murti is a famous picnic spot for the localities and the tourists.
  3. The forest area of Samsing is also a host of beautiful birds for birdwatching.
  • Grey Nightjar
  • Orange-bellied Leafbird
  • Maroon Oriole
  • Short-billed Minivets

  Would you like experience the beauty of Dooars? Then from trekking trail to camping along the meandering river stream of Murti, Samsing is the most favored destination you should visit! To Know More About Journey:www.resorttrimurti.com

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