A Detailed Guide To Gorumara Jungle Safari In Dooars

A Detailed Guide To Gorumara Jungle Safari In Dooars


Dooars is one of the most loved regions in North Bengal among tourists, which is blessed with scenic views, rich flora and fauna, dense forests, and lush green landscapes. This region is also a great location for indulging in an exciting jungle safari that can help you de-stress while rejuvenating your body as well as mind. 

Among all the major wildlife hotspots for jungle safari in Dooars, Gorumara National Park is the nearest and most famous one which is indeed a natural splendour. This place situated in Malbazaar is not only loved by animal lovers but it is also a great place for nature enthusiasts. 

Given below is a detailed guide about the exciting jungle safari in Gorumara National Park. 

Safari Timings and Cost

In Gorumara National Park, you can try two types of safaris which include elephant ride and jeep safari. The jeep safari is highly effective for exploring the dense areas of the forest that can take around 1.5-2 hours to complete all the areas. The elephant safari can also help you spot the wild animals in their natural habitat but there is a limited number of this safari. 

There are mainly 4 slots of jungle safari in Gorumara that starts from 6:30 am and ends around 5:00 pm. The timing of these slots may vary based on the season. If you’re booking a jeep for the safari then it may cost you around Rs. 400 which may accommodate 6 persons along with 2 children. 

Safari Routes 

You have the opportunity of booking the Gorumara jungle safari in Dooars from the online website of the West Bengal State Forest Department Agency. Various offline options for booking the tickets are also available. However, before booking one you must know the popular safari routes that will enhance the chances of wildlife spotting. 

If you want to spot rhinoceros, elephants, and different species of birds in Gorumara then you must take the Lataguri route. However, for witnessing the picturesque beauty of the surrounding area along with wildlife exploring, the Medla, Chapramari, and Jatraprasad routes are the best.

Watchtower Visits 

There are various watchtowers inside the Gorumara National Park, which is unique in its way. Some of the popular watchtowers include Chandrachur Watchtower, Jatraprasad Watchtower, Rhino Observation Point, and Chukchuki Watchtower. Among all of these, the Jatraprasad Watchtower is the most demanded due to its picturesque beauty. 

The birdwatchers often opt to visit the Chukchuki Watchtower, which enables them to spot and click pictures of various migratory and Himalayan birds. The other endangered animals that you can spot from this tower are sloth bears, bison, sambar deer, and Asian elephants. 

Nearby Attractions 

Gorumara is not only just famous for its diverse wildlife but it is also close to various stunning tourist attractions of Dooars. While indulging in a jungle safari here, you can also visit the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary to discover the forest trails. The other places that you can visit nearby are Jayanti Mahakal Caves, Chalsa, Lataguri Interpretation Centre, and Murti. 

If you’re lucky enough then during the jungle safari in Dooars you can witness a herd of elephants bathing in the Murti River, which is an eye-appealing sight. The memories and understanding of the biodiversity that you will acquire from the safari will surely be cherished forever in your life. 

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