A Complete Travel Guide to Darjeeling

A Complete Travel Guide to Darjeeling


A Complete Travel Guide to Darjeeling. The word Darjeeling is a combination of two words Dorje meaning thunderbolt and ling meaning place hence the word Darjeeling means the Land of Thunderbolt. Darjeeling the Queen of Hills is the pride of North East. It was treasured by the British, loved by the locals and protected by India. If you are planning to visit Darjeeling, then you must read this article. It‘s a complete guide for those who want to visit Darjeeling:

  1. Reach Darjeeling:

Come to Siliguri by flight or train. If you are coming by flight then you will land at Bagdogra airport. Coming by train you will come to NJP. Your travel guide will pick you up from the airport or railway station at Siliguri and then shift you to Darjeeling by a cab.

  1. Places to stay in Darjeeling:

You will get hotels ranging from 1000 rupees per night to 4000 rupees per night. Darjeeling is a beautiful town and the hotels here are so comfortable and cozy. The only thing matter is the budget. Know your budget well and choose your stay in Darjeeling. The best hotels in Darjeeling town:

  • Summit grace hotels
  • The Elgin Darjeeling
  • Hotel Ivy Castle
  • Hotel Sonar Bangla Darjeeling


  1. Moving around Darjeeling:

Darjeeling is a hilly area and you can move around here in two possible ways. Either you can walk or you can hire a cab. If you are traveling nearby then it is better, you walk around. If you want to go a bit further then hire a cab.  

  1. Activities in Darjeeling:

There is so much to explore in Darjeeling. You can never get bored here. Roam around and explore Tiger Hills, Himalayan zoo, Mahakal Temple, Happy Valley Tea Estate and the natural beauty of Darjeeling.  

  1. Foods to munch in Darjeeling:

Darjeeling is a food Paradise. You can much on so many local flavours here. The best among them are the barbeque corn. This is local street food, they barbeque the corn over hot coal and then nicely rub the lemon, chili, and salt over it. This dish is so delicious that once you have it you can never forget. Momo, thukpa, and noodles are the other delicious delicacies.  

Travel with us:

While you are planning to go to Darjeeling, come travel with us. We will give you the best experience of Darjeeling.

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