A Classic Natural Wild Life Excitement

A Classic Natural Wild Life Excitement


The accommodation has always been top-notch at Dooars for the visitors. It is because of the resort services that many travellers feel comfortable in going for Dooars tour. The availability of the resorts is immense in the region but the resort in Lataguri is the famous one. First, it is because of the fantastic hospitality and second because of its amazing location near to the natural wildlife. If you want to experience the classic wildlife of Dooars along with the comfort of the stay then, come to Lataguri. Here lies the world of greenery and fascinating wildlife. So, get ready to hear the wild roar!  Whats so special about the wildlife of Lataguri? You may have seen the wildlife at the central zoo of the city. However, witnessing them inside the national parks and getting the closer look is way more interesting and different thing. This attraction is available just near to the resort and the existing serene harmony of nature make the destination more special. Some of the main reasons that make Lataguri wildlife more exciting than ever are:

  • The unbelievable greenery in all the direction
  • Jungle safari experience to see the wild animals live
  • Many tropical forests including deciduous and evergreen forests
  • Tranquility environment to chase the habitat
  • Close location of National Parks and Wildlife Reserves from the resort

Spot the best at Gorumara National Park Gorumara National Park is the medium-sized national park which must surely be your exploring target at Lataguri. The resort is located close to the national park which becomes more efficient for the guests. You will not get a more thrilling experience anywhere than here to get the sight of the wild animals. If you are thinking about wildlife holiday at Dooars then, Gorumara National Park will make it worth.  As it got the Indian National Park status on 31st January 1994, the reputation and popularity are immense. Known for the population of the Indian Rhinoceros, Gorumara National Park tops the list tourists exploring the place at Dooars. Other wild animals like One-Horned Rhinos, Deer, Elephant, Bison, Leopards, Gaur, Chital etc can be seen here while doing jungle safari. A wonder wildlife experience can only be matched with convenient staying option. And this you will get at the resort in Lataguri with comfy rooms, various amenities and exotic natural environment.

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