7 Ideal Destinations For Jungle Safari In Dooars

7 Ideal Destinations For Jungle Safari In Dooars


Dooars is a famous tourist attraction in north-eastern India, which is mainly popular for its natural beauty, wide range of wildlife hotspots, mesmerizing river streams, and lush green tea gardens. You can visit Dooars with your friends and family to have a memorable and relaxing vacation. 

You can also enjoy a jungle safari in Dooars, which will surely help you escape from the stress of daily life. It will allow you to connect with nature, improve your mood, and enhance your overall mental well-being. You also connect with yourself through jungle safari as you spend some time spotting endangered wildlife animals.

Let’s explore some of the most ideal destinations in Dooars for a thrilling jungle safari. 

1. Jaldapara National Park  

Jaldapara National Park is one of the most famous forest areas in Dooars. Here, you can indulge in a jeep safari or elephant ride to explore the forest areas. During the forest safari, the main attraction among the tourists is the endangered one-horned rhinoceros. The Torsa River flowing through the jungle also looks mesmerizing. 

2. Sukhia Jhora 

If you want to explore the jungle areas uniquely then you must visit Sukhia Jhora near Alipurduar. This place is popular for the exciting boat road, which will take you through the deep forest areas of Buxa Tiger Reserve. The impenetrable foliage and calm water stream surrounded by green forests make it a memorable experience.

3. Gorumara National park  

Gorumara is one of the most entertaining spots in Dooars for jungle safari. This place has various watchtowers such as Medla, Chukchuki, and Jataprashad that are famous not only for wildlife spotting but also for birdwatching. Asian elephants, sloth bears, brahminy ducks, and Indian hornbill are some of the species that can be spotted during the Gorumara jungle safari. 

4. Buxa Tiger Reserve

Buxa Tiger Reserve is another popular destination in the Alipurduar district, where hire a local vehicle or book a car safari to have an interesting experience. There are also boating facilities near the tiger reserve for an unforgettable experience. You can visit the watchtowers, picnic spots, Butterfly Park, and Buxa Fort here to make the trip more thrilling. 

5. Chilapata Forest  

Chilapata forest is situated near the Jaldapara National Park, which is also popular for forest safari. This place is famous among tourists for being an important migration corridor for Asian elephants and one-horned rhinos. You can take an elephant ride here to reach the beautiful Kodal Basti forest and Mendabari watchtower. 

6. Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary 

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary can be visited after exploring the Gorumara National Park as it is just 27 minutes from there. In Chapramari, you can experience a thrilling elephant ride and elephants crossing the Murti River is the most memorable moment. 

7. Chandrachur Watch Tower

Chandrachur or Khunia watchtower is located in the vicinity of the Gorumara National Park, which gives a picturesque view of the flora and fauna of the forest areas. You can see various shrubs, trees, grasslands, birds, and endangered wildlife species here. Some of the most common animals that can be spotted are Indian bison and wild elephants. 

Jungle safari in Dooars is an amazing experience that can help you gather some unforgettable memories and click some beautiful wildlife pictures. It is always recommended to not plan the safari in the monsoon season as most of the national parks and forest areas remain closed during that time. 

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