5 Sightseeing Places In Dooars

5 Sightseeing Places In Dooars


Dooars is one of the best holiday destinations blessed with dense natural forests, lush tea gardens, and immense natural beauty. This destination is famous for its vibrant culture, rich biodiversity, lush forests, and majestic wildlife. A holiday to this destination can provide a relaxing experience in natural surroundings as it is an abode for nature lovers.


If you're planning a relaxing holiday to this fascinating destination you need to book the best resort in DooarsResorts offer a comfortable and luxurious stay with spacious rooms and extensive services and facilities to provide the best experience of the destination. Given below are 5 sightseeing places you need to visit to have a great vacation in Dooars.  


Gorumara National Park


Located on the banks of the Murti and Jaldakha rivers Gorumara National Park is a natural habitation of many wild animals. It is a well-known tourist attraction in Dooars and is famous for its population of One-horned Indian rhinoceros. It is also home to animals like leopards, deer, pythons, Indian bison, elephants, and more. 


Buxa Tiger Resevre and Buxa Fort 


Buxa tiger reserve is a natural habitat of tigers, leopards, elephants, black panthers, clouded leopards, Himalayan black deer, and many more animals. Located at an altitude of 2600 ft on a hilltop close to the Buxa tiger reserve the Buxa fort is a historical attraction where the British detained the Indian freedom fighters.


Champramari Forest 


Located beside the Gorumara national park in the Western Dooars the Champramari Forest is separated from Gorumara by the Murti River. It offers dense forests full of diverse flora and fauna and is home to fascinating animals and birds like tigers, deers, kingfishers, one-horned rhinoceros, green pigeons, and more.


Jaldhapada National Park 


Jaldhapada national park is situated at the foothills of the eastern Himalayas and is home to the largest population of the one-horned Indian rhinoceros in the state. It offers jungle, jeep, or elephant safaris with the best Dooars hotels to view the complete surroundings of the jungle and see a wide range of wild animals including leopards, tigers, and more.




 About 5kms away from the serene hamlet Samsing and located at an altitude of 2900ft Suntalekhola is an offbeat destination of Dooars. This quaint village is filled with pictorial landscapes ranging from dense deciduous forests, lush green tea gardens, and sere roads which makes it a charming destination.


You can experience an amazing holiday at this destination with the best resort in Dooars, as a resort provides the most comfortable rooms at budget-friendly prices. A resort makes your vacation better, more luxurious, and more convenient by offering a wide range of services with cozy accommodations.

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