5 Most Extravagant Places in Dooars

5 Most Extravagant Places in Dooars


Mowgli the fictional character in Jungle books by Rudyard Kipling used to stay in the forest and spend time with the wild animals. Happy spirit roaming about in the beautiful green of jungle. Life was so easy for him and so much refreshing each day. If your thoughts are similar to this, you ought to be a free soul. Will you mind being Mowgli for a day? Surprised? Dont be. Come to Dooars, a land of forests, rivers and wild animals. Here you can be like Mowgli or maybe Simba. Dooars is at the foothills of North Eastern Himalayas in India and Bhutan. You can come here and do jungle safari, bird watching and many more other fun activities. Are you interested to know about those five places in Dooars where you can have the most fun? Here you go:

  1. Gorumara:

The Gorumara National Park is one of the most visited and loved tourist destinations. Here you will get to see one horned Rhino. There are wild animals like tiger, deer, elephants, leopards, rhinos and many more.   While you take up the wildlife safari at Gorumara, you will start imagining yourself as Mowgli at a fine destination in Jungle.  

  1. Chukchuki Bird Watch Tower:

Are you a bird lover? Do you love clicking some unknown bird species? Then this place is heaven for you. Climb on to this watchtower and take your binoculars and camera with you.   If you are lucky enough, you will get to see some of the rarest bird species.  

  1. Rocky Island:

This place is located at the banks of river Murti. After doing a Jungle safari at the daytime, if you are still full of energy and enthusiasm then enjoy a night camp at this place. Dont worry about the accommodation. The forest department will arrange tents for you and some delicious food will be arranged for the overnight stay.

  1. Murti:

Murti is a scenic beauty. While in dooars people book hotels or resorts in Murti. Murti has a beautiful meandering river flowing through the green jungle. Being a Nature lover, you will love Murti. Come with your family and friends to this beautiful place.  

  1. Chapramari Forest:

This is also a very beautiful forest where you can do jungle safari. Gorumara forest and Chapramari forest is separated by Murti River. Do some sightseeing and bird watching here. This is also a chance for you to take out that little wild in you. Let your wilderness flourish in the forest of Dooars.   Just like Mowgli has a secret hideout in Jungle, you too can have your own secret hideout with resort Trimurti, based beautifully in the wilderness of the Dooars. Book you hideout in the Dooars, beforehand with Resort Trimurti.

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