5 Enjoyable Picnic Spots Near Lataguri, Dooars

5 Enjoyable Picnic Spots Near Lataguri, Dooars


Lataguri is a serene town in the Jalpaiguri district, which is also the gateway to various famous destinations of Dooars such as Chapramari Forest and Gorumara National Park. The rich flora and fauna, diverse cultural heritage, and mesmerizing natural beauty make it a great destination to relax among tourists. 

Winter season is the ideal time to visit Lataguri since during that time you can enjoy a memorable picnic in one of the nearby picnic spots. If you’re planning to explore nearby areas of Lataguri in the upcoming holidays then you must book comfortable and affordable accommodation by company the Lataguri hotel rates

Let’s explore some of the most famous and mesmerizing tourist spots near Lataguri. 

1. Murti

Murti is a picturesque village alongside the mesmerizing Murti River, which also serves as the best spot for a memorable picnic. The pictorial views, serene ambiance, and diverse wildlife make this destination popular among tourists. 

If you love birdwatching then also you can visit this place because of the large population of rare and migratory avifauna species. The migratory birds that you can spot here during picnics include Teals and Brahminy ducks.

2. Bindu

Bindu is the last hamlet of the state which is situated near the Indo-Bhutan border. This famous picnic spot is surrounded by pictorial landscapes, cardamom plantations, and crystal-clear river streams. 

While staying in the best hotel in Lataguri, you can reach this destination within 2 hours. During the picnic, you can also explore in small treks to the forest trails and Godak Village to make the trip unforgettable.

3. Jayanti 

Jayanti in Dooars is a forest village near the Buxa tiger reserve, which creates a natural border with Bhutan. The tranquil ambiance, astonishing views, and lush greenery of Jayanti will surely leave you amazed. 

The splendid picnic spot here surrounded by forests and mountain ranges will also offer you various unforgettable memories. If you’re lucky then you can also spot some wildlife animals on your way such as peacocks, barking deer, and elephants. 

4. Laliguras 

Laliguras is the perfect destination for all nature enthusiasts because this place is surrounded by stunning views of the Murti River valley. The picnic spot here is near Samsing, which is packed with magical foggy weather, lush green tea gardens, valleys, and forests. 

During your visit to the picnic spot, you can also explore the other famous tourist spots such as Suntaley Khola and Rocky Island. Samsing Viewpoint is also a must-visit attraction near Laliguras that offers a bird’s eye view of the entire landscape. 

5. Jaldhaka Riverside 

Jaldhaka is one of the most beautiful offbeat destinations in Dooars, which can surely offer you an adventurous getaway and relaxation. The Jaldhaka River valley also has a famous picnic spot, which is blessed with stunning trekking routes, rivers, ethnic markets, and mountain ranges. 

Picnics are not just an arrangement to cook and have food outdoors but it is also a great way to socially connect with people and make some unforgettable memories. By comparing the Lataguri hotel rates, you can book a hotel with your friends and family to enjoy a joyous picnic and vacation in Dooars. 

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