5 Enjoyable Activities To Do During Your Lataguri Trip

5 Enjoyable Activities To Do During Your Lataguri Trip


Lataguri is a small town near the Gorumara National Park, which can be reached just within 2 hours from Siliguri. This place is an ideal destination for adventure and thrill-seeking tourists who want to have a relaxing vacation amidst nature. The diverse flora and fauna here also make it a great location for wildlife enthusiasts. 

If you want to explore the in and around areas of this town then you must book an affordable and comfortable accommodation. However, it is always preferred for you to compare the Lataguri hotel rates before selecting one to get the best offers and discounts. 

Let’s explore some of the enjoyable activities that you must do during your Lataguri trip. 

1. Trekking 

After reaching Lataguri, the first thing that you want to try is trekking. Lataguri has various trekking trails that are perfect to witness natural beauty and spot some wildlife animals. A 15 km trek towards Jayanti Mahakal caves is the most famous trail here. 

While indulging in this trek, you can cherish the beauty of the dense forests of Buxa Tiger Reserve with a perfect backdrop of Sinchula Hills. You can also spend some relaxing time near the River Jayanti to soothe your inner soul. 

2. Jungle Safari 

The rich flora and fauna as well as its proximity to Chapramari and Gorumara National Park make it a dream destination for jungle safari. You can indulge in an elephant ride or jeep safari to witness the fauna of Dooars in their natural habitats. 

Some of the animals that you can spot here are Indian wild dogs, one-horned rhinos, elephants, bison, and gaur. This unique experience in Lataguri will surely take away your stress from your daily busy lifestyle. 

3. Sightseeing 

If you have enough time on your hand then you shouldn’t miss exploring the nearby sightseeing attractions from Lataguri. Some of the attractions that you must explore include Bindu, Jhalong, and Jaldhaka. 

The natural beauty and mesmerizing view of the mountain range from these quaint villages will leave you amazed. You can also sit and relax on the banks of River Jaldhaka to cherish the scenic beauty. Staying in one of the best hotels in Lataguri can be the best way to discover the hidden gems of Dooars.

4. Birdwatching 

Birdwatching is another fun activity that you can try in Lataguri. The dense forests of Chapramari and Gorumara are not only famous for being the home for wildlife animals but it is also rich in vibrant avian creatures. 

You can take a forest safari to reach the Chukchuki watchtower in Gorumara, which is the best destination to spot some colorful birds. Some of the birds that can be witnessed here are brahminy duck, Indian hornbill, Asian paradise flycatchers, sunbird, and spangled drongo. 

5. Picnicking On Riverbank 

The banks of Murti River are a great spot to enjoy picnicking with your friends and family. This river flows from the Neora Valley National Park which runs through Gorumara and Chapramari. You can also take a nature stroll here to soak into the tranquil ambiance and natural beauty. 

Visiting Lataguri can be a great choice for a soothing vacation but it is also important to plan your tour properly so that it fits your budget. Checking the Lataguri hotel rates and researching the best places to explore before reaching the destination can be the best way to synchronize your trip. 

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