5 Electrifying Things To Do In Gorumara National Park

5 Electrifying Things To Do In Gorumara National Park


Gorumara National Park is situated in the Dooars region of North Bengal, which is famous for its pleasant weather, thick forests, diverse wildlife, grasslands, and crystal-clear water streams. This scenic and natural splendour was declared a National Park in 1992 and from then till now it has been preserving and protecting the wildlife animals in their natural habitat. 

Gorumara is a paradise for all the wildlife and nature lovers and if you want to explore this wildlife hotspot, then you must book a resort in Lataguri. From Lataguri, you can visit the national park easily within 9 minutes. This is because having a comfortable stay during your trip is essential for upgrading your overall Dooars travel experience. 

Let’s explore some of the exciting things that you can do while visiting the Gorumara National Park. 

1. Go on a Jungle Safari

Gorumara is one of the most popular destinations in West Bengal for jungle safari and this is why it is visited by many wildlife enthusiasts every year. The lush green grasslands, terrains, and dense forests make it an ideal place to spot some exotic and endangered species. 

You can either ride on an elephant back or book a jeep to experience a thrilling forest safari with your friends and families. Some of the animals that you can witness here are wild boars, Asian elephants, Indian wolves, barking deer, and leopards. 

2. Visit the Watchtowers and Nature Interpretation Centre 

Not only a forest safari but visiting the watchtowers in and around Gorumara is also a great activity to witness the diverse fauna of the forest. Jataprashad, Chukchuki, Chandrachur, and Medla are some of the famous watchtowers in Gorumara that can be reached by availing of a safari. 

Another interesting activity that you can do here is exploring the Lataguri Nature Interpretation Centre. From here, you can collect all the essential information about the rich flora and fauna of the area. 

3. Indulge in Birdwatching

The Chukchuki watchtower in Gorumara Nation Park can be considered as a paradise for birdwatchers. This place provides the best view of some of the most exotic and colorful birds such as the Asian paradise suncatcher, Indian hornbill, peacocks, scarlet minivets, and spangled drongo. 

This place is also famous for the brahminy duck, which is an endangered bird. You can stay in one of the top resorts in Lataguri and carry a binocular and camera to visit the spot early morning to click some captivating pictures of the birds.

4. Explore the Nearby Sightseeing Attractions 

Another fascinating activity that you can do in Gorumara is to plan a one-day sightseeing tour of the nearby places. Bindu, Buxa Fort, Samsing, Rover’s Point, and Murti are some of the must-visit places here. 

If you have an adventurous spirit, then you can also indulge in a thrilling trek to the Jayanti Mahakal Caves. All of these sightseeing attractions will surely give you some mesmerizing views of the lush green forests and mountain ranges.

5. Discover the Tribal Life 

Exploring the unique traditions, culture, and lifestyle of the tribal communities is another activity that you must indulge in to attain some lifelong memories. You can visit the Budhuram Forest Village during your sightseeing tour to witness a beautiful tribal dance in the evening. 

Gaining a deeper insight into the Gorumara National Park and exploring the nearby areas can become extremely convenient if you stay in a resort in Dooars Lataguri. However, it is also recommended that you visit the park from November to March as the park is closed during the monsoon. 

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