4 Tribal Dance forms that Express Dooars Culture

4 Tribal Dance forms that Express Dooars Culture


Several tribal groups shared beautiful dances of friendship, which brought the crowds to their feet.’- Robert Galvan Dooars Culture tribal Danceare beautiful dance forms whose rhythms convey the dancers joy. You can enjoy those dance forms by staying in your choice able resort in Dooars. The vigor and spontaneity of these dance forms reflect the rhythms of daily living. Compelling Features of Tribal Dance!! Have a look at the unique aspects of Tribal Dance forms-

  • Every village has its individual tribal dances which are performed by rural tribal communities.
  • The inner rhythm of these dance forms conveys their simple lifestyle living in natural harmony.
  • The dancers wear elaborate jewellery and intricate costumes.
  • The rhythmic movement set against melodious music adds to the beauty and charm of the dance form.

Dooar’s Famous Forms of Tribal Dance!! Enjoy some fascinating tribal dance forms which you can explore enthusiastically by choosing the best hotels in Dooars. Below we have mentioned the dance forms-

  1. Rabha Dance

This dance form is gaining increasing popularity among the tribal dance of India. What makes it Unique?

  • Dance performed by women from the Rabha community.
  • The music played by men.
  • The musical instruments are Hem, drum, baranshi, Dandi, bamboo flute etc.

Their Dance Forms Rabha Women have different dance forms like-

  • Braisar Pridan means their New Years dance.
  • Fai Nang Ning Mein means welcome dance.
  • Larai Lunge means their war dance.
  1. Mech Dance

Set to the natural rhythm of mountains and forest, Mech Dance captures the varied emotions as well as expressions of the tribal community. Their Dance Forms There are different variations-

  • Bagroomba dance is performed during spring festivals.
  • Mesa Glang Nai is another dance variation which represents hardworking and industrious.
  • Chal Jhumgre Gele Nai is the war dance.
  1. Rajbanshi Dance

One of the important tribes of Dooars, the Rajbanshis worships the River Teesta as their goddess.

  • Their dance is performed to invoke its blessings.
  • The musical instruments which they have used for their graceful dances are Dhol, Kartal, Kanshi, and the Mukhabanshi.
  1. Dukpa Dance

Lets discover its specialty-

  • Dukpa Tribes celebrates every festival by dancing, singing, and archery.
  • This community uses Sekta as a term to denote dance in their language.
  • There is no musical accompaniment to their dance.

More to Explore… Some other popular forms of dances are-

  • Karom
  • Jitia
  • Bandna
  • Gaburdeb

A user also read:-5 AWESOME THINGS YOU CAN LEARN FROM DOOARS The significance of Performing Tribal Dance!!

  • They are performed for a variety of occasions like weddings, festivals, the arrival of seasons etc.
  • Dance forms also convey the locals point of view on social issues.
  • Tribal dances showcase the rich cultural diversity and ethos of a particular community.

Excited? You must be! Let’s make a plan for the cultural tour with your family and avail the comfy hotels in Dooars for making your trip memorable one.

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