10 Things to Do - Resorts in Chalsa|Explore its Sightseeing

10 Things to Do - Resorts in Chalsa|Explore its Sightseeing


India is a vast country that gives plenty of options to tourists for traveling and exploring the beauty of nature. West Bengal is one of the most popular states in the country that shares the rich culture and religious significance along with some of the offbeat destinations which are incomparable in term of getting into the wildness. Are you ready for memorable and exciting tours into the state where nature and culture combine in a beautiful manner? Do you really need a vacation for finding ultimate pleasure in your life? Then, Chalsa is the perfect destination for you to have a good time with nature and people. Chalsa is situated in the Dooars region of northern Bengal and shares an interesting history with its existence and popularity. The word ‘Dooars’ comes from ‘Door’ or ‘Gateway’ as the place gives 18 passes to the people of Bhutan to connect with the plain coming from Himalayan ranges. Dooars actually means ‘Gateway to Bhutan. The region is famous for three Ts that includes Tea, Timber, and Tourism. From ancient times Chalsa and its nearby places attract a huge number of tourists and engage almost every inhabitant of Tea gardens and hotel business. Resorts in Chalsa West Bengal provides all the essential commodities and excellent accommodation for tourist to have a great time over there.

10 Things to do while staying at Resorts in Chalsa

Explore Wildlife at Gorumara

 If you are in love with wildlife then Gorumara is the place for you. In the 1994 Gorumara is declared as a National Park which has mixed vegetation of forest and grassland. The best way to explore Gorumara is an elephant ride that gives you a true feeling of entering into the forest that shares a variety of birds, one-horned rhinos, leopards, different species of Deer, India Gaur and other mammals and reptiles. The area is surrounded by rivers that maintain pleasant weather throughout the year. The monsoon starts from the mid of May and continues until the end of September. The best time to visit Gorumara is during winter.

Camping at Rocky Island

 Chalsa gives you so many places to explore in order to stay relaxed and free from pollution and chaos. Rocky Island is situated near the bank of the Murti River and is ideal for camping and overnight stay in the small tents. You can pass on some good time by bathing in the Murti River and explore the interiors of Neora Valley National park. Sherpagaon, Bhalukope, Jhandidara, and Mo-chuki are some of the nearby places that take you close to village people and mesmerizing nature. You can do some adventurous activities like trekking, rock climbing & rappelling or else seat in the bank of the river with your friends and family to experience the solace.

Bird Watching at Jhalong

 Bird lover will never a better place rather than Jhalong which is situated in the bank of Jaldhaka River and welcome a wide variety of birds like Kingfisher, Brown Dipper, Redstart, Laughing Thrush as well as migratory waterfowl. It takes only 50 minutes to reach Jhalong from Chalsa and resorts in Chalsa, West Bengal provides all the necessary information to reach the place. The chirping of birds in the morning hours make the place so blissful that you will enjoy every second of your stay by exploring the wonder of nature.

Witness the Mystic Nature at Jaldhaka

 Jaldhaka and Jhalong are nearby areas and Jaldhaka shares the name with the popular river that keeps the land fertile and vegetated throughout the year. You will find beautiful landscapes and lush green valley which looks fabulous with the flowing blue river. Normally, people used to enjoy river site camps over there and enjoy the sound of nature that whisper in the ears. The color of the river becomes blue during the winter whereas during the summer heavy monsoon changes its color into muddy.

Enjoy Great variety of Flora and Fauna at Jaldapara

 Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary contains a great diversity of flora and fauna with a mosaic of woods, grasslands, perennial streams, sandy river banks and extensive belts of tall grass. Spending a couple of days in Jaldapara will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated as the mixed deciduous forest, grassland and river banks give you all the best things you never imagined. People of West Bengal and all over India find this place admirable and adequate for a vocational tour. You can also find different species of mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and birds in this region which takes 1 hour 20 minutes to reach there from Chalsa.

Lost into the Wild at Chapramari

 The Murti River divides the forest into two parts one is Chapramari and another one is Gorumara where Gorumara is a National Park and Chapramari is a wildlife sanctuary. But the dense forest and variety of flora and fauna will make you feel better without any doubt. The wind constantly flows from the Murti River and makes you feel great even in the summer season. Usually, winter is a suitable time for Dooars but it depends on your choice. Some people enjoy the monsoon over there when the heavy shower starts flowing continuously and the trees start dancing in a rhythm.

Boating on Bania River at Chilapata Forest

 Chilapata forest is near to Jaldapara and takes almost 2 hours from Chalsa. Chilapata shares a unique historical background when Nal King builds a house in this region which is ruined by the passing of time. You can explore the forest to know more about the animals and birds along with some interesting activities like tonga rides through the tea garden, boating on the Bania River and fishing at Kalchini. Rivers and hills attract people towards this place along with the hospitability of local Rabha tribe take you to a miraculous journey.

Hear the Roar at Buxa Fort

 Buxa Fort is known for its connection with the war between Bhutan and Tibet when the monk used this fort as a place of rescue other than for the ruins of the Detention Camp used by the British Government for detaining freedom fighters of India. Right now the condition of the fort is not good and people used to click photographs for the sake of emotional history with this fort. You must visit Buxa Tiger Reserve which is very near to Buxa fort and Buxa Duar which is ideal for hiking. Tigers are protected and taken under special care where the survey reveals that presently, six tigers are roaring the jungle.

Get the Peace and Tranquility at Jayanti

 Jayanti is a small village near Buxa Tiger Reserve that is known for its serenity and peacefulness because the ambiance is so pure that you will love to stay for a few days over there. The Jayanti River in Jayanti flows within the rocks and passes through the nearest hills. You will get amazed by the scenic beauty of this place and get relaxed in a genuine manner. Resorts in Chalsa West Bengal take you away from a busy life and helps you to find the homely atmosphere even in the wildness of nature.

Stay Connected to Soil at Batabari

 This place is the border of Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling district and very near to Gorumara National Park. Spending time in this small village is something that you will remember for the rest of your life. The houses are made of a special bamboo called ‘Bata’ from which the place is named as Batabari. Breath-taking landscapes and tea gardens are the special attraction of this place where you can roam around the tea gardens to get into the freshness and flavor of life. Batabari is connected to Chalsa and gives makes it easier for tourists to visit this small village by staying in a resort at Chalsa. Sightseeing and unlimited fun at resorts in Chalsa West Bengal reenergize people to get some valuable time with family and friends or even with a soul-mate. Mountains, rivers, animals, birds and a wide variety of flora welcomes every nature lover to feel the immense beauty and magic of nature.

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