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Best resort in Gorumara Murti with holiday tour at Dooars

Gateway Of Gorumara National Park

You may only see a few accommodation options leading to your favourite holiday destination. However, at Murti, Dooars it is completely different and opposite scenario. The resorts available here offer

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Feel the Warmth and Dwelling Harmony of Dooars with best Resort in Dooars

Evening Bonfire, Tribal Dance, Music

Do you know the ‘Triad’ (the combination of three) that makes a night at Dooars unforgettable? Well, what else than the trio of the bonfire, tribal dance and music. These

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Explore the diversity of wilderness with Resort in Dooars in Lataguri

Forest with Diversity of Wilderness All Around

The greenery is one of the main things that you will see in Lataguri. The green view of the tea gardens and the immense forest surely allures the eyes of

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Resorts in Chalsa West Bengal with Ultimate Family Accommodation

Ultimate Family Accommodation At Chalsa

The Queen of Dooars, Chalsa is a small town known for the elegant natural beauty that puts the smile on the face of the travelers. It is the place where

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Resort in Dooars Lataguri with Tips for making the trip safe

Worthy Information For Travelling Safely in Dooars

Adventure and excitement force a person to go beyond the limit but somehow it becomes essential to maintain safety and security. A successful trip demands more attention towards the safety

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Resort in Dooars Lataguri with Best parts of staying

The Majestic Retreat Surrounded By The Jungle

Life can be more magical by entering into the majestic retreat somewhere in the middle of the jungle where the natural offerings and warm hospitality keep you all the good

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Murti tourist resort with Benefits of staying

Refreshing and Mesmerizing Beauty of Murti Tourist Resort

The beauty of North Bengal is incomparable as you find many things all together to satisfy your desire. Travellers make their trip memorable by exploring the beauty of this region

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resort in Dooars

Intrinsic Beauty and Unparalleled Attractions of Dooars

Dooars lies within the foothills of the Himalayas in North-Eastern India. It’s the alluvial floodplains of North Bengal and East Assam which acts because of the gateway to Bhutan. Dooars

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resort in Lataguri with lots of facility

Nature Interpretation of Lataguri

Lataguri Nature Interpretation When someone talks of contentment, it is unavoidable to mention nature. The word seems to be derived from the latter. For a person to experience serenity in

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The National Parks of Dooars

Dooars is a natural getaway and one of the most wonderful escape to a green vacation away from the hectic routine life. Surrounded with thick jungles, pristine waters & rivers

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