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Murti resorts in Lataguri with 1. Comfort and Convenience

An Aesthetic And Tasteful Property at Lataguri

Plan your escapade to Murti for a weekend of adventure and fun. If adventures are not for you, you can just lay back and lounge in the sun, cradled in

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An Eco-friendly jungle resort in Lataguri

An Eco-Friendly Jungle Resort in Lataguri

Practically everyone today is conscious of how fragile our surroundings are, and therefore the critical impact each folk has thereon. As our natural resources are continuously depleted, travelers are grappling

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Stay with the best resort in Lataguri and Explore new route through the jungle

A Route Through the Jungle

Imagine what it feels like to stay on the route of the jungle during holidays. Well, you might think imagination is one thing and reality is the other. However, Lataguri

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Know about the wildlife of Lataguri with resort in Lataguri

A Classic Natural Wild Life Excitement

The accommodation has always been top-notch at Dooars for the visitors. It is because of the resort services that many travellers feel comfortable in going for Dooars tour. The availability

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