The Historical Hangover of Dooars

The Historical Hangover of Dooars

The Historical Hangover of Dooars

West Bengal attracts a huge number of tourists every year and offers some of the amazing destinations to explore the beauty of the state. This piece of land is known for its greatest significance in Indian history and give you the chance to unfold many mysteries. Dooars region in the northern part of the state holds a special significance where forest reserves, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, rivers and scenic beauty makes a difference in connecting with the charm. Visiting Dooars is like discovering many unique things about the region by experiencing some of the important aspects of life. Going close to nature will bring happiness in your life by witnessing the endangered species of mammals, birds and reptiles.

Down the Bhutan hill. this region is better known for its commercial connectivity with Bhutan from ancient time. The name Dooars is originated from the word ‘Door’ which means the gateway to enter Bhutan. Even the destination like Buxa Fort takes you to the ancient time when the fort was a point of contention between the King of Bhutan and Cooch Kings. Later the British captured the fort in the year 1865 and used as the most notorious and unreachable prison in India. Apart from historical connection, Dooars offer you Tiger Reserve and abundance of natural resources like tea and timber. Staying in a hotel in Dooars will help you to explore the region by experiencing a historical hangover.

Unfold the mystery

Dooars is undoubtedly the sweetest part of West Bengal and known for its greenery and refreshing air. People across the globe visit this place and uniquely discover the mystery. The surprising trip towards the region will give you the perfect moment to stay connected with the offerings of nature in a great sense. The mystery can be revealed by walking into nature and defining life in a greater extend.

Jungle safari and bird watching will give an amazing experience where you can relate the things with the expectations. A hotel in Dooars provides all the essential amenities to the guests so that they can find comfort while managing the trip. Facilities like free internet connectivity, swimming pool, and many other offerings will give you the chance to enjoy life in a lavishly. You can enjoy the delicacies and quality accommodation in the middle of the jungle. All such facilities will make a genuine sense in taking part in the journey where both the mind and soul get refreshed with the charisma of nature.

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