Evening Bonfire, Tribal Dance, Music

Evening Bonfire, Tribal Dance, Music

Evening Bonfire, Tribal Dance, Music

Do you know the ‘Triad’ (the combination of three) that makes a night at Dooars unforgettable? Well, what else than the trio of the bonfire, tribal dance and music. These are the three things that stun you and make your Dooars stay delightful like never before. This is a part of a program which is mainly arranged by resort in Dooars where you should definitely stay. Of course, there is nothing more to say about the hospitality and accommodation of resort because you may already know about the quality. But this fascinating night program is the added service which will give you the vast experience of night beauty of Dooars.

Warmth and Dwelling Harmony of Dooars at Night

At first, the guide from the particular resort may take you to a nearest local village on time. It will be the spot where the unmissable night fun will take place. Whether you take it as part of the cultural show or the entertainment program, the joy of watching it live will be amazing.

Evening Bonfire, Tribal Dance, Music with Resort in Dooars

The bonfire will start at the main spot of the village where all the visitors will gather around. Do you think, this is all for the evening? No, it isn’t. The real fun starts when the cultural show begins around the bonfire that will include Tribal song and Tribal dance. That moment will be truly amazing which you will get to experience for about 1 hour. The dance performing women wears traditional colourful sarees in a group of about six. Some special and unique instruments will be played which adds more glamour to the show around the bonfire.

Tribal dance has always been the part of the culture for the people of the Dooars region. Rabha Dance, Mech Dance, Rajbanshi Dance and Dukpa Dance are the four of the most popular tribal dance in Dooars. In one way you will experience the tremendous warmth. In the other way, you’ll listen to soothing harmony with the beats of tribal dance. Hoping to stay at the resort? Then, don’t forget to include this three trio program in your list of Dooars nightlife. It will be a moment to enjoy with your friends by clapping hands as the performance progresses around bonfire.

Soak yourself towards resort in Dooars because the serene night beauty awaits your presence with a bonfire, tribal dance and music.

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